Episode 30

Episode 28: Being a Professional Encourager with Andy J. Pizza from the Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Season 3 of Overtime is here! Our first guest is Andy J. (Pizza) Miller. Andy is the creator of the podcast and book Creative Pep Talk. He also has a successful illustration career and has created illustrations for clients like Nickelodeon, Google, Converse, Sony, Smart Car, Oreo, The Boston Globe, and Nutella.

“I always tell people to look for wilderness instead of paved roads. Once there’s 8,000 tutorials and 50 apps to make that thing the easiest thing possible, the treasure at the end of that road is gone.”

In this episode, we find out what pizza and Dribbble have in common, how Andy transitioned from illustration to podcasting, and the secret to Creative Pep Talk’s success. Andy also shares how to “find your gift,” what he thinks all creative people have in common, how to embrace change when it comes to your career, his hope for the creative future, and much more.

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