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Episode 18: Jared Erondu

Jared Erondu Jared Erondu VP of Design at @lattice, investor/advisor • created Playbook & High Resolution • Previously CD @teespring; early design @omadahealth @treehouse

In episode 18, Dan chats with Jared Erondu. Jared is the head of design at Lattice and he’s also building a Q&A platform for designers called Playbook. Additionally, he’s the co-host of High Resolution, a video series on design.

The word that people are forgetting is sustainability. If you are burning yourself out each week, you might beat your competitor week one, week two, week three—but week four when you're home sick because your immune system is pretty much nonexistent, your competitor is just going to walk right by you.

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Branding the High Resolution Podcast for Designers airbnb album cover branding facebook graphic design instagram logo podcast poster startup uber ux

Branding the High Resolution Podcast for Designers

by Bobby Ghoshal

Worked on this fun branding for a new limited-series video podcast I am putting together with @erondu. We just put out our first episode with Airbnb's Katie Dill. The logo is animated btw in a fun 70's retro style. You can check out the animation and ...

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In this episode we dig into the origin story of Playbook, what Jared’s trying to accomplish at Lattice, why sharing knowledge is key to growing the design community, the idea behind the High Resolution video series, dealing with burnout, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still getting work done, and more.


Transcript forthcoming.