1. password strength create account sign up tips helper warning meter strength password simple ux
    View password strength
    password strength
  2. Search and Discovery component views results search results labels tags filters search bar discovery discover search
    View Search and Discovery
    Search and Discovery
  3. Pay confirmation faceid transactions international payment app blockchain xrp bitcoin fiat crypto
    View Pay
  4. Tables data crypto payments dashboard resize rows columns filters ux ui tables
    View Tables
  5. Styleguide - Textfields form ui clear search error textfields styleguide
    View Styleguide - Textfields
    Styleguide - Textfields
  6. Coin Market Cap graphs charts cash ether ethereum bitcoin btc decentralized crypto redesign market cap coins
    View Coin Market Cap
    Coin Market Cap
  7. Manage your loans. cards particles floating finance isometric phone loans manage
    View Manage your loans.
    Manage your loans.
  8. Spend confidently. super hero hero isometric shopping spend particles credit finance onboarding
    View Spend confidently.
    Spend confidently.
  9. Big purchase, little payments. mobile ios onboarding confetti particles calendar isometric dollar bills little big
    View Big purchase, little payments.
    Big purchase, little payments.
  10. Affirm App v3 anywhere simple credit card cards manage shop clean design app
    View Affirm App v3
    Affirm App v3
  11. Intranet simple finance fintech new calendar feed intranet team ux ui
    View Intranet
  12. Ready to eat! product design wip ready overlay no cooking no assembly ikea guy healthy food easy cooking about us
    View Ready to eat!
    Ready to eat!
  13. 🔥 emoji icons design simple ux ui drop drag
    View 🔥
  14. Overlay Alert process flow ordering white simple button create illustrations ux ui popup overlay
    View Overlay Alert
    Overlay Alert
  15. Illustration Patterns buildings tractor colorful windmill mill farm barn pattern icons greyscale grayscale illustrations
    View Illustration Patterns
    Illustration Patterns
  16. Farm Hill - App case study mockup splash delivery food illustration ux ui app process design process
    View Farm Hill - App
    Farm Hill - App
  17. Gray Scale Illustration Exploration electric books lamp picture chair workspace desk illustration grayscale process
    View Gray Scale Illustration Exploration
    Gray Scale Illustration Exploration
  18. Work. Work. Work. outlet mug desk lamp computer chair desk green hues illustration flat work workspace
    View Work. Work. Work.
    Work. Work. Work.
  19. Farm Hill - à la carte tooltips build create custom customize ux ui food fresh healthy farm a la carte
    View Farm Hill - à la carte
    Farm Hill - à la carte
  20. Introducing the 100 Calorie Box! april1 prank box broccoli leaf salmon carrot rice lines food ux ui
    View Introducing the 100 Calorie Box!
    Introducing the 100 Calorie Box!
  21. farmhill.com redesign windmill barn sketch illustration icon redesign landing ux ui homepage
    View farmhill.com redesign
    farmhill.com redesign
  22. Whole Foods vs Processed Food overlay edit change sorry success 404 fail icons design ux ui
    View Whole Foods vs Processed Food
    Whole Foods vs Processed Food
  23. Contact Us vector design shadows flat contact speaker icons ux ui
    View Contact Us
    Contact Us
  24. Plant doodle vine vase leaves decoration plant illustration sketch
    View Plant
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