1. 2021 Handsign 2021 new year mask pandemic graphic design covid19 design spot illustration singapore vector flat illustration
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    2021 Handsign
  2. Frontline Heroes spot illustration graphic design mask frontline space vaccines moon pandemic covid19 singapore vector flat illustration
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    Frontline Heroes
  3. 2021 graphic design pandemic covid19 vaccine new year 2021 singapore spot illustration vector illustration
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  4. Glare smart motiongraphics illustrations halio styleframe heat sun office vector mograph flat illustration
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  5. BBQ Food Truck singapore spot illustration beach bbq sentosa vw bus vector flat illustration
    View BBQ Food Truck
    BBQ Food Truck
  6. Four Years vector apac internet icann years four cover design publication design illustration flat
    View Four Years
    Four Years
  7. Turning 5 website internet icann cover design annual report design vector flat illustration
    View Turning 5
    Turning 5
  8. Fantastic Films flat vector fantastic video camera film inclusion singapore illustration spot illustration
    View Fantastic Films
    Fantastic Films
  9. Robust Research design vector robust microscope research singapore inclusion flat illustration spot illustration
    View Robust Research
    Robust Research
  10. Programmes of Possibility singapore icon vector inclusion rocket spot illustration flat illustration
    View Programmes of Possibility
    Programmes of Possibility
  11. Tracing our Tracks - N°3 vector trains singapore mrt illustration flat design
    View Tracing our Tracks - N°3
    Tracing our Tracks - N°3
  12. Tracing our Tracks - N°2 flat mrt singapore trains design illustration
    View Tracing our Tracks - N°2
    Tracing our Tracks - N°2
  13. Tracing our Tracks - N°1 mrt trains singapore flat vector design illustration
    View Tracing our Tracks - N°1
    Tracing our Tracks - N°1
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