1. Cisco APS event summit cisco soundwave identity play sound mark sign motion animation logo
    Cisco APS
  2. Onet Animated Icons branding music fashion drink food yellow minimal linear dot icons motion animation
    Onet Animated Icons
  3. Cisco Spark Logo Deconstruction geometric shapes colors logo spark cisco deconstruction motion animation
    Cisco Spark Logo Deconstruction
  4. Riot Branding versatile technology stationery minimal logo identity colors branding agency
    Riot Branding
  5. Riot Branding identity colors versatile stationery minimal agency technology branding logo
    Riot Branding
  6. Pixel Heaven 2017 fest minimal vr reality virtual retro game video games key visual branding
    Pixel Heaven 2017
  7. Ollestudio 404 page less simply webdesign fun clean brand 404 minimal portfolio
    Ollestudio 404
  8. Ollestudio logo pattern collage webdesign branding colorful minimal fun design
  9. P贸艂nocna 5 KV mark whitespace clean branding development life realestate colorful minimal
    P贸艂nocna 5 KV
  10. Brand guidelines guidelines artwork space cover design logo identity colorful minimal mark tracktion brand
    Brand guidelines
  11. Kontakt.io - Beacons & Beyond brand book graphic design logo color minimal solution software cover branding brand identity
    Kontakt.io - Beacons & Beyond
  12. Adventure icons flat linear outline adventure illustration colorful pastels icon
    Adventure icons
  13. Tracktion business card card business platform traction brand colorful identity branding logo minimal
    Tracktion business card
  14. P贸艂nocna 5 Business Cards residence office website brand pastels identity branding logo minimal
    P贸艂nocna 5 Business Cards
  15. Leze i Pachne cosmetics pillow rose pastel logo clean branding minimal owzg lezeipachne
    Leze i Pachne
  16. East Studio design kv key visual ollestudio movie typography studio grid minimal
    East Studio
  17. White Eagle Coffee ollestudio minimal colombian dark coffee poland white eagle
    White Eagle Coffee
  18. Prowling Wolves geometric minimal logo white black animal space negative wolves wolf symbol
    Prowling Wolves
  19. Diamante Wear - Adventure of a lifetime minimal adventure icons t-shirt tees clothes streetwear wear diamante
    Diamante Wear - Adventure of a lifetime
  20. Digital Dreamers exhibition fun game develompent gamedev star minimal logo digital
    Digital Dreamers
  21. Eclate luxury classy minimal logo packaging luwak kopi coffee
  22. Business card for finance consultant classy golden gold black paper minimal portrait photo luxury hot stamp bc business card
    Business card for finance consultant
  23. Impeco Logo Animation clean identity branding square bathroom handdryer colors animated minimal logo
    Impeco Logo Animation
  24. Olle Dribble site webdesign logos brand website ollestudio olle black white minimal
    Olle Dribble
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