1. Investing.com iOS App News Tab and News Detail Screens

  2. Sinema Bilgi ve Hızlı Bilet Uygulaması v.2

  3. Sinema Bilgi ve Hızlı Bilet Uygulaması

  4. Drawings Part 1

  5. iPhone X Weather App. UI

  6. Istartbul Mobile App Icon

  7. Istartbul: Art Exhibition Reminder Mobile App Design

  8. Airbnb for Apple Watch

  9. Ticket App Icon Rebound

  10. Remaining Time to Next Post for Instagram

  11. Search on DH

  12. Private Shopping Club Product Page

  13. "FSTK" Peanut Package Design

  14. Clean Music/Audio Player with Lyrics

  15. DH+ Magazine Covers

  16. Elephant Magazine Cover

  17. Special Record Cover and Letter

  18. File Security Background Task Module

  19. Interactive Restaurant Menu App.

  20. Open Graph Reader for a Forum

  21. Video Player Skin for Web

  22. Radio Player

  23. Ticket Now app. icon

  24. Hello everyone!

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