1. Nono.ma — Language portfolio personal site bio biography profile about web inter ui typeface type
    Nono.ma — Language
  2. Wiggly Tree animation art string cloud ballon p5js wiggly loop animation p5 minimal tree
    Wiggly Tree
  3. Order Matters drawing hand-sketch pattern illustration illo order getting simple
    Order Matters
  4. 181207 Books To Read covers grid layout portfolio web library books
    181207 Books To Read
  5. 181201 Sun light illo illustration logo icon doodle
    181201 Sun
  6. Getting Simple · Simplify your life text publication portfolio writing podcast type getting simple minimal design web
    Getting Simple · Simplify your life
  7. Croquetillo stickers design illustration art illustration croquetillo croquetilla
  8. lourdesalonso brand art artist sketch hand lettering type logo
  9. Podcasts images layout web cards thumbnails articles posts podcast
  10. García del Castillo sketch art ink portrait person drawing urbansketch
    García del Castillo
  11. Getting Simple · Close up with IBM Plex Sans loop layout text minimal writing web podcast simple getting simple
    Getting Simple · Close up with IBM Plex Sans
  12. Getting Simple · IBM Plex Sans simple minimal layout web getting simple sans ibm plex
    Getting Simple · IBM Plex Sans
  13. 180423 Boston Bus Silver Line 2 art artist ink hand-drawing urbansketchers sketch boston
    180423 Boston Bus Silver Line 2
  14. Messages portfolio summary thumbnail messages ios imessage web
  15. 180315 · Monochrome cosine sine loop math lines simple minimal p5.js p5 sketch gif.js framesaver
    180315 · Monochrome
  16. 180314 framesaver gif.js sketch p5 p5.js
  17. Nono.ma · Navigation profile card site personal about landing header web navigation
    Nono.ma · Navigation
  18. Nono.ma | About clean simple website description biography bio site about portfolio web
    Nono.ma | About
  19. Watch Your Step red line train subway public signage transportation boston t
    Watch Your Step
  20. Line Pattern Radial Auto-sort processing creative coding sketch minimal loop pattern art lines line
    Line Pattern Radial Auto-sort
  21. Line Pattern Auto-sort line lines art pattern loop minimal sketch creative coding processing
    Line Pattern Auto-sort
  22. Nono.ma nono personal branding vector hand-sketch lettering logo
  23. Croquetilla — Wanted! illustration character little girl croquetilla tiny person
    Croquetilla — Wanted!
  24. Perlin Noise loop minimal creative coding digital art processing perlin noise
    Perlin Noise
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