1. Science website WIP logo barcelona web  design web wip science synchrotron
    Science website WIP
  2. 25 years of SΓ³nar sΓ³nar music festival editorial book barcelona
    25 years of SΓ³nar
  3. The Smells Collection branding smell fragance adobeawards
    The Smells Collection
  4. The Smells Collection kit concept adobeawards
    The Smells Collection
  5. woo illustration
  6. DUSK CHOCOLATE chocolate packaging
  7. 25 years of SΓ³nar book editorial barcelona music festival sΓ³nar
    25 years of SΓ³nar
  8. TABOO Magazine editorial magazine
    TABOO Magazine
  9. coming soon.. illustrator
    coming soon..
  10. death wish illustrator
    death wish
  11. Monsoon Hotel wip
    Monsoon Hotel
  12. nostalgia moodboard
  13. simply water mark gold foil logo branding
    simply water
  14. the earth lab wip branding
    the earth lab
  15. The Earth Lab: Gift Voucher gift card gift voucher
    The Earth Lab: Gift Voucher
  16. remembered with love
    remembered with love
  17. Remembered with Love (TEL)
    Remembered with Love (TEL)
  18. The Earth Lab wax seal envelope wax seal
    The Earth Lab wax seal
  19. 2 dribbble invites! giveaway invitation invite invites
    2 dribbble invites!
  20. Adopt don't shop! pets cats rescue barcelona stories instagram story event adopt shelter dogs
    Adopt don't shop!
  21. the Earth lab wip typography planet mark logo letters elements concept branding
    the Earth lab
  22. I Scream Ben & Jerry's lgbt woke peace icecream ice cream ben  jerrys mockup packaging
    I Scream Ben & Jerry's
  23. teach peace
    teach peace
  24. Survival Kit (?) mockups packaging design branding packaging
    Survival Kit (?)
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