1. Cottage Customizer custom customize interaction ux ui animation visualizer select tool exterior interior material color kitchen cabinets adu customizer home
    View Cottage Customizer
    Cottage Customizer
  2. Cottage Customizer - Welcome View house steps project introduction intro personalized construction warm back house welcome landing page dwelling unit adu home customizer
    View Cottage Customizer - Welcome View
    Cottage Customizer - Welcome View
  3. Train route map view zoom spacial geographical geo relationship route side bar split screen interaction tooltip hover data viz switch railroad train map view map
    View Train route map view
    Train route map view
  4. Predictive maintenance filtering search issue task priority badge icon index dashboard list maintenance transportation train
    View Predictive maintenance
    Predictive maintenance
  5. Train switch data viz web app detail drawer slide hover tooltip scatter plot dots red blue ui comparison tool graph chart data visualization web transportation compare line chart data viz
    View Train switch data viz
    Train switch data viz
  6. JetSavvy Results Page book reserve travel web design aircraft results jet
    View JetSavvy Results Page
    JetSavvy Results Page
  7. Photo album cover details photo cover album photo album joy
    View Photo album cover
    Photo album cover
  8. Interactive photo album photo interface hardware product storytelling device album joy
    View Interactive photo album
    Interactive photo album
  9. Craze web visual design gradient bold landing page brand website
    View Craze
  10. Task list to do checklist interface design ui asset priority list task fixd
    View Task list
    Task list
  11. Fixd marketing site ui web blue assets work orders visual design website marketing fixed fixd
    View Fixd marketing site
    Fixd marketing site
  12. First Pixate prototype helmet app store grid product gear pixate prototype
    View First Pixate prototype
    First Pixate prototype
  13. Réveillon sketch illustration distressed texture ink splat grunge awake mountains
    View Réveillon
  14. iota mobile home page button icons iota blue visual design ui gps tracker web mobile
    View iota mobile home page
    iota mobile home page
  15. iota home page pet blue visual design ui marketing web home device gps tracker website iota
    View iota home page
    iota home page
  16. iota home page pet blue visual design ui marketing web home device gps tracker website iota
    View iota home page
    iota home page
  17. Mobile web navigation mobile nav navigation web ui modal clean bread
    View Mobile web navigation
    Mobile web navigation
  18. Lodge Bread website web single page one pager bread food culinary
    View Lodge Bread website
    Lodge Bread website
  19. Sproutling baby monitor monitor ui interface color sleep baby circle icon progress
    View Sproutling baby monitor
    Sproutling baby monitor
  20. Bread Label label logo bread food tag typography distressed
    View Bread Label
    Bread Label
  21. The Influence serif type splatter grunge violence
    View The Influence
    The Influence
  22. Recommended Products list track app interface ui products detail score filter
    View Recommended Products
    Recommended Products
  23. Moisture Detail interface ui data point app mobile line graph chart cards graph
    View Moisture Detail
    Moisture Detail
  24. Montessori School website web website web page school montessori ui green yellow button
    View Montessori School website
    Montessori School website
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