1. ❖ iOS Player 2020 invites figma freebie translations timesynced sync words catalog collaborate edit playlists cards backgrounds gradients colors ios music player music musixmatch lyrics
    ❖ iOS Player 2020
  2. Musixmatch: Dark Mode ⬛ charts darkmode search spotify streaming music subscribe paywall premium gamification badge playlists cards artist dark ios player profile player lyrics mobile
    Musixmatch: Dark Mode ⬛
  3. We're hiring! 📢 talent ds reactnative react musixmtach openposition job apply uideveloper designsystem recruiting hr
    We're hiring! 📢
  4. New Feature: Party Mode 🎉 icon ux ui lottie motion animation mockup concept music ios app lyrics
    New Feature: Party Mode 🎉
  5. Musixmatch leaderboard home playlist lyrics profile music player
  6. Introducing Community visual concept android ios gamification icon minimal app music community free flow
    Introducing Community
  7. Musixmatch 7.0 Redesign product minimal clean brand concept ios player lyrics android
    Musixmatch 7.0 Redesign
  8. Lyrics Player Redesigned visual brand icon concept redesign minimal android ios music app lyrics player
    Lyrics Player Redesigned
  9. Notifications profile users music community rewards icons badges ui android ios musixmatch notifications
  10. Reporting Content ui feedback sync track music lyrics android ios musixmatch tool report
    Reporting Content
  11. HBFS Team — Hero Dolomities shop product icon app challenge logo bike road brand jersey
    HBFS Team — Hero Dolomities
  12. Onboarding lyrics illustration ui ios onboarding
  13. Community Ranks musixmatch community rank level gamification reward game contribution leveling profile icon
    Community Ranks
  14. Profile leaderboard iphone gamification badges profile
  15. Crowd Icon / Active Mode concept prototype ux ui icon brand community lyrics android ios music player
    Crowd Icon / Active Mode
  16. Crowd Icon / Passive Mode app lyrics player music color android ios ux ui concept icon
    Crowd Icon / Passive Mode
  17. What's new lyrics badges slider illustration whatsnew onboarding ios
    What's new
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    Join Musixmatch
  19. Share a Badge contribution game reward gamification level share badge community musixmatch
    Share a Badge
  20. Badges everywhere! contribution game reward gamification level badge community musixmatch
    Badges everywhere!
  21. Musixmatch apps android ios website homepage ui
    Musixmatch apps
  22. FloatingLyrics with Translations android musixmatch translation translate lyrics floating
    FloatingLyrics with Translations
  23. Translated Lyrics font icon android ios prototype mockup principle language lyrics app music
    Translated Lyrics
  24. Stories music tweets news cards card carousel lyrics artist stories musixmatch
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