1. MoneyGram – Desktop wallet blue graph chart trading trade light payment mockup minimalistic clean design application app currencies fintech dashboard ui finance desktop wallet
    MoneyGram – Desktop wallet
  2. MoneyGram – Mobile Finance Manager profile mockup trading trade template application app ui shadow white clean logo transaction chart gradient card wallet fintech finance mobile
    MoneyGram – Mobile Finance Manager
  3. MoneyGram – Online Banking mockup trade design payment light ux template white app blur clean fintech finance exchange currency crypto wallet ui money dashboard
    MoneyGram – Online Banking
  4. Delivery Service emoji search discount cleaning repair food pharmacy c4d neomorphic neomorph neomorphism application minimalistic clean service app delivery
    Delivery Service
  5. The Pearl Wallet illustration design payment ui onboarding start login registration earth geometric c4d application app trade money pearl wallet
    The Pearl Wallet
  6. Education App vector illustration design minimal ui application blue light shadow clean learning education illustrations courses app
    Education App
  7. Illustrations for analytics platform design light neumorphic neutral neumorph neomorphism neomorphic neo clean minimal ux ui platform analytics analyz illustrations
    Illustrations for analytics platform
  8. Donut App dashboard ux light minimal ui cart item strong minimalistic design store shop draw tasty logo brending white clean app
    Donut App
  9. Dashboard Account finance crypto wallet money withdraw light clean action payment dashboard account
    Dashboard Account
  10. Analytic system business system chart analytics chart app art dash board ux tech dark theme light dashboard minimal payment clean ui analytics
    Analytic system
  11. & Merry Christm-ass logo branding illustration app clean payment minimal ux ui design merry christmas
    & Merry Christm-ass
  12. Happy new year minimal clean design sculpture art illustration elements envato sketch kit ui card website site landing payment app happy year
    Happy new year
  13. Wallet App x payment prototype wireframe ui minimalistic minimal light white clean app design trade trading forex euro usd fintech finance app
    Wallet App
  14. Fluyd dashboard payment design theme light credit deals offer fintech finance profile clean lite interface board ui tablet dashboard fluyd
    Fluyd dashboard
  15. Finance dashboard card wallet payment money business interface board light colorful color ui dashboard fintech finance
    Finance dashboard
  16. it's zoo minimal colorful colors menu cart light clean ux ui app e-commerce hamster dog cat illustration store shop animals zoo
    it's zoo
  17. Qooky – Dating app ux ui white light clean love man girlfriend girl easy qooky application android ios app dating
    Qooky – Dating app
  18. E N D Y – Promo pages template theme photo ui design clean minimal light green color landing portfolio promo
    E N D Y – Promo pages
  19. E N D Y – Portfolio theme minimalistic minimal blog theme design e-commerce ux ui content white light clean photographer photo portfolio agency
    E N D Y – Portfolio theme
  20. C I C O – eCommerce template white clean minimal template wordpress commerce theme photos themeforest online store shop web landing ecommerce vector logo design ui
    C I C O – eCommerce template
  21. Airline e-Ticket airline air avia flight buy e-ticket plane fly ticket
    Airline e-Ticket
  22. Pitoil - gas station pitoil oil diesel refuel cars petrol station gas fuel ux ui
    Pitoil - gas station
  23. Dribbet — Betting application concept ball club football app bet dribbble beeting
    Dribbet — Betting application concept
  24. Market Summary graph trading trade forex futures stocks markets
    Market Summary
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