1. [WIP] Review Inbox 📨 colorful os web user interface web design modern design glassmorphism glassmorfism mercury os mercury card component ui cards mail inbox flat design vui voice user interface inbox mercuryos clean and simple clean user interface ui
    View [WIP] Review Inbox 📨
    [WIP] Review Inbox 📨
  2. Animated theme switch user interface design voice interface mico-interaction web app theme light mode youtube figma dark mode ui animation
    View Animated theme switch
    Animated theme switch
  3. Chart UI design (dark mode) dark ui chart component challenge design dailyui 100daychallenge pie chart charts dark chart dark mode ui
    View Chart UI design (dark mode)
    Chart UI design (dark mode)
  4. NFT Marketplace for designers landing page nft marketplace bitcoin 3d web design crypto marketplace nft free ui kit ui kit landing page design
    View NFT Marketplace for designers landing page
    NFT Marketplace for designers landing page
  5. case study: creating a minimal style guide for a startup remote roofing design process wireframe styleguide design style guide process of design article blog post style design system ux desgin ui design typography case study style guide branding ui logo flat design design
    View case study: creating a minimal style guide for a startup
    case study: creating a minimal style guide for a startup
  6. SunRoof.ai Landing Page table green energy sun roof card call to action mesh gradient orange landing ui design branding solar roof roofing roof figma landing page
    View SunRoof.ai Landing Page
    SunRoof.ai Landing Page
  7. Remote Roofing Design System artificial intelligence startup design startup branding ui design style guides styleguide style colors brand design roof remote roofing remote roofing typogaphy icon flat design design system
    View Remote Roofing Design System
    Remote Roofing Design System
  8. Saman Bank Glass Card saman bank branding concept glass effect glassmorphism glassy finance card design creditcard bank
    View Saman Bank Glass Card
    Saman Bank Glass Card
  9. CRM Inbox recreate crm software dark mail inbox crm portal crm daretodesign branding flat design dailyui 100daychallenge
    View CRM Inbox
    CRM Inbox
  10. Pluto Planet illustration daretodesign challenge 100 day challenge planet solar system space flat design illustration 100daychallenge design
    View Pluto Planet illustration
    Pluto Planet illustration
  11. My Resume Redesign (2020) figma ux design skills resume clean resume design resume cv ux modern resume cv template cv design personal brand personal resume redesign resume cv branding daretodesign challenge 100daychallenge design
    View My Resume Redesign (2020)
    My Resume Redesign (2020)
  12. Neptune Planet illustration dailyui daretodesign solar system 100 day challenge space flat design illustration challenge design 100daychallenge
    View Neptune Planet illustration
    Neptune Planet illustration
  13. Uranus Planet illustration figma design figma vector illustration uranus planet solar uranus solar system space challenge 100 day challenge planet vector design flat design illustration 100daychallenge
    View Uranus Planet illustration
    Uranus Planet illustration
  14. Saturn 🪐 Planet illustration solar panels illustraion daily 100 challenge saturn planet saturn 100 day challenge space solar system flat design daretodesign challenge design dailyui illustration 100daychallenge
    View Saturn 🪐 Planet illustration
    Saturn 🪐 Planet illustration
  15. Jupiter Planet illustration planet jupiter space solar system flat design daretodesign challenge vector design dailyui illustration 100daychallenge
    View Jupiter Planet illustration
    Jupiter Planet illustration
  16. Mars Planet illustration earth solar mars planet mars 100days 100 day challenge space solar system dailyui planet flat design design daretodesign challenge vector illustration 100daychallenge
    View Mars Planet illustration
    Mars Planet illustration
  17. Earth Planet illustration daily 100 challenge challenge day6 flatdesign modern design flat illustration flat design earth illustration earth solar system solar panel planet daretodesign vector 100daychallenge design dailyui illustration
    View Earth Planet illustration
    Earth Planet illustration
  18. Venus Planet illustration 100days 100 day challenge spaced challenge challenge accepted challenge illustration art daretodesign day5 stars planet venus planet space venus illustraion dailyui 100daychallenge design
    View Venus Planet illustration
    Venus Planet illustration
  19. Mercury Planet illustration milkyway stars sky space plants mercury solar system solar panel planet design vector illustration 100daychallenge
    View Mercury Planet illustration
    Mercury Planet illustration
  20. Chat Story app [Farsi] challenge dayliui day03 fresh mobile app app design chat app teen fiction text app chat story story chat concept ux persian 100daychallenge ui design
    View Chat Story app [Farsi]
    Chat Story app [Farsi]
  21. A Dreamy Night desert day02 moonshine moonlight nature illustration night dream relax nature star moon sea vector dailyui design illustration 100daychallenge
    View A Dreamy Night
    A Dreamy Night
  22. windows 10 taskbar redesign concept design daily ui daretodesign spotify redesign concept day001 100daychallenge redesign taskbar windows
    View windows 10 taskbar redesign
    windows 10 taskbar redesign
  23. Happy New Year 1399 vector logo design illustraion happy happy new year golden ratio fish logo fish
    View Happy New Year 1399
    Happy New Year 1399
  24. Music app interaction design contest music application design concept micro interaction microinteraction music app design music album music app ui ux interactive interaction interaction design music app music design dailyui ui
    View Music app interaction
    Music app interaction
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