1. Assisted Support Chatbot support chatbot chat
    Assisted Support Chatbot
  2. Dark Mode Expert Chef App dark flowchart timer
    Dark Mode Expert Chef App
  3. Reccomended Wines ecommerce card wine
    Reccomended Wines
  4. Expanding Search Results framer ux interaction
    Expanding Search Results
  5. Store Profile Cards profile card retail
    Store Profile Cards
  6. Hotter / Colder Search Experiment interaction swipe search ux
    Hotter / Colder Search Experiment
  7. Animated Cluster cluster interaction
    Animated Cluster
  8. Map Suggestions indoor map 3d
    Map Suggestions
  9. Beating Heart with Real Data
    Beating Heart with Real Data
  10. Logo Design (App Icon)
    Logo Design (App Icon)
  11. Website for Mappedin
    Website for Mappedin
  12. Map Animation Teaser animation 3d cinema 4d
    Map Animation Teaser
  13. Visibility Model anatomy human factors
    Visibility Model
  14. Grid Snapping Tiles layout framer
    Grid Snapping Tiles
  15. Device Specifications specs manual print
    Device Specifications
  16. Directions Icons flat icons
    Directions Icons
  17. Kiosk Render device 3d kiosk
    Kiosk Render
  18. 3D Map Render mall retail outdoor 3d map
    3D Map Render
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