1. Valentines Day Graphic

  2. Ash Tree Images Photography logo

  3. Yavay Logo

  4. Integrate Columbus Logo

  5. Rocketman

  6. Leena Bean Coffee Labels

  7. Plumbing One logo

  8. Plant Illustration

  9. Leena Bean Specialty Coffee Logo

  10. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers T-shirt Design

  11. Top Down Cruising

  12. QR Code Beers

  13. City Illustration

  14. Easter/April Fools day social media graphic

  15. Oslo Crisis Line Tech Logo

  16. Peanut Butter Time social media graphic

  17. Baltimore Light City Social Media Graphic

  18. Salt River Emporium Logo and Wall Graphic

  19. Ohio State Athletics Booklet

  20. Retro Waves Illustration

  21. Cooking With Paige Mockup

  22. White Rose Logo

  23. Smallworld Book Spreads

  24. Neat Logo Final 07

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