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WeChat Moments Carousel Animation Design

August 09, 2017

Hey there. I seem to really like playing with various WeChat app interface improvements. This time let me delight you with a Moments Carousel, where you get to see all the sweet moments of the chosen profile. I tried to make it smooth a...

Shot 5

WeChat Moments & Discover Screen Design Concept

August 02, 2017

Hey peers, you know what? As I keep on playing with WeChat design improvements, I couldn’t resist but make another shot - an animated one this time! The simply-scrolled news&moments feed is waiting for you to see it! Hope your heart...

WeChat Design Concept

July 21, 2017

你好 mates! As I keep going with the concept exloration, I couldn’t help but notice the WeChat app - a huge Chinese social media mobile application software. So I decided to dabble with its interface a bit - to make it a bit simpler, fres...

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