Mikhail Voloshin ⚡ NgTalks - Angular Conference by Mikhail Voloshin ⚡

NgTalks is a professional, Ukrainian-based conference for the Angular community which is conducted in Kharkiv, Ukraine since 2018.

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Speaker Highlight section for NgTalks 2019

March 19, 2019

Working on Speakers pages for NgTalks 2019. Smoothe hover effect for speaker cards in @Webflow

Meet NgTalks 2019

December 27, 2018

Working on a new design for NgTalks 2019. Live version will be soon.

NgTalks conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine

June 12, 2018

NgTalks is a two-day conference in Ukraine with a focus on latest Angular innovations and techniques. Attend »

Angular Conference Website

June 14, 2017

NgTalks website is specifically designed to be a central hub for everything about first-ever Ukrainian Kharkov-based Angular conference. It is intended to be simple, clean and easy to navigate for both visitors and speakers. Have a look...

Ng Talks - Mobile Version

June 09, 2017

Mobile version for Angular Conference web-site. The full presentation will be next week!

Schedule Page

June 07, 2017

Some peace of UI for Angular Conference web-site. Schedule page. The full presentation soon!