1. Retouching Tattoo design covid19 illustrator graphic design mikeadv
    View Retouching Tattoo
    Retouching Tattoo
  2. From old to young design graphic design compositing mikeadv
    View From old to young
    From old to young
  3. Retouching Old/young retina design vector illustration retouching branding graphic design mikeadv
    View Retouching Old/young
    Retouching Old/young
  4. Loufir vector covid19 design illustrator typography logo branding mikeadv
    View Loufir
  5. Cans series surrealism illustration mikeadv design compositing graphic design
    View Cans series
    Cans series
  6. TextureArt vector app photoshop covid19 typography illustrator digital painting digitalart mikeadv logo branding graphic design
    View TextureArt
  7. USGRAPHIK NY / Brand Identity new york minimal web flat covid19 illustration typography logo mikeadv branding graphic design
    View USGRAPHIK NY / Brand Identity
    USGRAPHIK NY / Brand Identity
  8. sesto senso branding design vector covid19 illustration typography logo illustrator graphic design mikeadv
    View sesto senso
    sesto senso
  9. AmericanTopTee logo illustrator ux ui illustration minimal typography graphic design mikeadv branding
    View AmericanTopTee
  10. Heels n' Bones illustrator typography vector mikeadv logo graphic design branding
    View Heels n' Bones
    Heels n' Bones
  11. ufood covid19 minimal vector illustrator design illustration mikeadv graphic design branding
    View ufood
  12. MIKEADV / Fitspace  / Brand Identity / mikeadv graphic design design illustrator flat typography branding minimal vector logo
    View MIKEADV / Fitspace / Brand Identity /
    MIKEADV / Fitspace / Brand Identity /
  13. Beef Empire / Steakhouse ux ui typography web mikeadv design illustration logo illustrator graphic design branding
    View Beef Empire / Steakhouse
    Beef Empire / Steakhouse
  14. LOGOFOLIO/20 covid19 covid minimal flat vector illustration design typography mikeadv logo graphic design branding
    View LOGOFOLIO/20
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