1. Heart shape for Sketch free heart resource shape sketch
    View Heart shape for Sketch
    Heart shape for Sketch
  2. Artboard1110101011011101
    View Artboard1110101011011101
  3. Personal logo identity logo logomark m michiel michiel de graaf monogram
    View Personal logo
    Personal logo
  4. Hello San Francisco beer coffee css generated colors hello san francisco sf
    View Hello San Francisco
    Hello San Francisco
  5. Icons comments explore glyph google home icon icons line profile search settings share
    View Icons
  6. Beam for reddit app store awkward beam branding design download hackathon interface ios iphone reddit
    View Beam for reddit
    Beam for reddit
  7. michieldegraaf.com css html web webdesign website
    View michieldegraaf.com
  8. The new Awkward site case studies cases photography web webdesign website
    View The new Awkward site
    The new Awkward site
  9. Clocks app application clock interface interface design mac osx time
    View Clocks
  10. Monogram Stephane Reverdy part deux areskub branding logo monogram squircle type typography
    View Monogram Stephane Reverdy part deux
    Monogram Stephane Reverdy part deux
  11. Day / Night switch day font size ios ipad night reader ui
    View Day / Night switch
    Day / Night switch
  12. Made in Amsterdam navigation css html made in amsterdam navigation pattern ui website
    View Made in Amsterdam navigation
    Made in Amsterdam navigation
  13. A new michieldegraaf.com blog css design html michiel de graaf responsive site ui
    View A new michieldegraaf.com
    A new michieldegraaf.com
  14. Karmaaaaaaaaah icons facebook icon icons karma security support ui
    View Karmaaaaaaaaah icons
    Karmaaaaaaaaah icons
  15. Karma is coming bandwidth gif icon illustration karma wi fi
    View Karma is coming
    Karma is coming
  16. Karma dashboard graph dashboard graph karma
    View Karma dashboard graph
    Karma dashboard graph
  17. Karma UI kit WIP button buttons input inputs karma ui ui kit
    View Karma UI kit WIP
    Karma UI kit WIP
  18. Karma UI elements 1 karma ui
    View Karma UI elements 1
    Karma UI elements 1
  19. Simple light button love button simple
    View Simple light button love
    Simple light button love
  20. UI icons 32x32 32 icon icons ui
    View UI icons 32x32
    UI icons 32x32
  21. Swingline icon icon office space stapler swingline
    View Swingline icon
    Swingline icon
  22. Personal logo logo m michiel de graaf
    View Personal logo
    Personal logo
  23. Random train creations abstract fragments stuff
    View Random train creations
    Random train creations
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