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Who’s going? 75 attendees

  1. David Anaya
  2. George Vasyagin
  3. Awsmd
  4. Eric Winkle
  5. Jonathan Bowman
  6. Dominique Palafox
  7. Dee Pei
  8. ZippyPixels
  9. Alejandra
  10. Samantha
  11. Ilya Grey
  12. Erika Harvey
  13. Natasha Tsozik
  14. Dmitry Tsozik
  15. Alexander Khmelevsky
  16. Anton Zykin
  17. Justin Reonardy
  18. Mark Beltran
  19. Brian Golatka
  20. Andrei Latvis
  21. Rebecca DuPuy
  22. Ed Henderson
  23. Mat Helme
  24. Nick Slater

Where is it?

Calicraft Brewing Company
2700 Mitchell Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Geolocation provided by OpenStreetMap.

I’d like to create a resource that brings together local graphic designers and creatives interested in connecting, participating, meeting face-to-face and supporting one-another with our professional endeavors.

Thanks to! We’ll be raffling 3 Sketch licenses.