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Who’s going? 320 attendees

  1. Dario
  2. Mina
  3. Alexander Charles
  4. Anastasiya Bulavkina
  5. Celia McQueen
  6. Derek Taylor
  7. Joey Bacon
  8. Jenni Klinger
  9. Oli Mower
  10. Johnathon Simmons
  11. Steph Kelly
  12. Super Mega
  13. Chris
  14. Gino Zevallos
  15. Danny Zevallos
  16. Duc Le
  17. Sarah Acevedo
  18. Michal Pechardo
  19. Chen Liu
  20. Danielle Wolf
  21. Alison Entsminger
  22. Steve Wolf
  24. Patrick Haney

Where is it?

916 Springdale Rd Austin TX 78702

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Meetup Details

Join us for the annual SXSW ATX Dribbble Meetup! This year we’ll gather at Canopy on Saturday, March 11th from 4-7pm. Come hang out with Austin designers and take a break from SXSW crowds. Our friends from Fine Southern Gentlemen will be there live screenprinting shirts.

A big thank you to Funsize for organizing and to Volusion for sponsoring! Volusion is looking to hire some of the best designers in Austin. Apply now for the Product Designer role and others.

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