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Who’s going? 75 attendees

  1. Chloe Devine
  2. Erin Morrissey
  3. Jacob Laurenti
  4. Thaymisan C
  5. Kendall Henderson
  6. Bobbie Ysabel Benedito
  7. Lucas Hoeffel
  8. Shelby Rintel
  9. Johanna Villegas
  10. Stephanie Corrigan
  11. Jonathan Haines
  12. chouchou
  13. Claudia Modlin
  14. Anthony Spano
  15. Jimmy Smith
  16. Paulino Figueirido
  17. Francisco
  18. Jessica Lam
  19. Arix King
  20. Martin
  21. Berfin Ayhan
  22. Lindsay Bolton
  23. Regan Venezia
  24. El Sadate

Where is it?

119 W 40th St
Fl 10
New York, NY 10018
United States

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Four NYC based-designers, each representing a successful online marketplace, will present insightful talks on design - how it satisfies customers with products and services, drives business needs, and how they’ve built a culture surrounding it.

  • Bree Chapin, Director of UX at Slice
  • Daniela Shuffler, Director of Design at The Knot Worldwide
  • Ivan Mutavdzic, Senior Product Designer at TodayTix
  • Terry Newman, Creative Director & Design Manager at VTS

Attended by a diverse slice of the New York design community, the opportunities to network and enjoy great food, drinks, and people will ensure this event is educational, collaborative, and memorable for all.