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  1. Jordan Jung
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Where is it?

Rhyme & Reason Design
746 Willoughby Way NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
United States

Geolocation provided by OpenStreetMap.

Its time to Tropic Like its Hot!

Say “aloha” to summer and join us for a beachy-keen rendezvous at Rhyme & Reason Design! We’re inviting the creative crowd to join us for our third annual Dribbble meetup – it’s shore to be a blast. No pier pressure, but you’ll have the chance to hang-ten with some new friends and some old, while toasting a few cold ones and going toe-to-toe in our friendly analog playoff. Make sure your sparky selves RSVP and get ready to ride the waves of a good time.

A couple of parking notes: Ubers are always recommended, or if you’re up for a Beltline stroll, we’re right behind the O4W skate park now! Woo #BeltlineLifestyle!

If you opt to drive, please refrain from using the spots at our building that are reserved for the building tenants (new office, new rules) and go for street parking instead. With that said, our street parking right in front of the building is limited to one side, due to preparation for a city event that’s happening this weekend (#ComicalTiming). There will be signage posted, and there’s free street parking available along Willoughby Way and Ashley as well as a small grass lot to the right of the Willoughby. Essentially, big ol’ trucks need to get through to set up for Waka Flocka to play soccer this weekend – Yes, you read that right: And we are trying to keep people’s mirrors from getting clipped. If you find yourself parking in front of the residences along Willoughby Way or Ashley, we ask that you please be mindful of driveways (you wouldn’t want to be trapped in your house either). :wink:

Once you get to the front of the building, we will have someone downstairs to help you make it up to the rooftop, easy beach breezy.

Sea you there, beaches!