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Who’s going? 64 attendees

  1. Andrew Lager
  2. Tim Wright
  3. Bethany Coates
  4. Chad Culbertson
  5. Judy Perry
  6. Isaac Gerke
  7. Feint
  8. Mickey Martin
  9. Hannah McGough
  10. Kiel Cummings
  11. Chris Owens
  12. Austin Marticorena
  13. Nicholas D'Amico / DsBD
  14. Toe
  15. Tina Truong
  16. Leticia Le Bleu
  17. Dave Crow
  18. Dustin Locke
  19. SkylerBradsby
  20. Justin Mezzell
  21. Karl Oscar Weber
  22. sundiverdb
  23. Rogie
  24. Jonah Thompson

Where is it?

Prosperity Design at Church & State
370 S 300 E
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
United States
SLC Dribbble Meetup

We are hosting our second Dribbble meet up in Salt Lake City! After a super cool and intimate discussion at the first meet up, we are looking to continue the honest and personal touch with free food, free drinks, and great conversation.

The meet up is being hosted by my new company, Prosperity Design. Our entire goal is to empower creatives through design workshops, events, and tools. This being the kickoff event before our big Utah Creative Campout in late August!

Meetup Highlights:

  • Great design talk with local designers
  • Free food
  • Free beer, soda, water
  • Conversations with Utah design leaders
  • Discount code for Utah Creative Campout

Details at: