1. Google Now Lollipop Animation android animated button circle codepen css html lollipop
    View Google Now Lollipop Animation
    Google Now Lollipop Animation
  2. Personal portfolio site background brand cover header homepage identity landing portfolio responsive website
    View Personal portfolio site
    Personal portfolio site
  3. Códise 2015 Landing Page background clean cover css design flat gradient header homepage landing page responsive web
    View Códise 2015 Landing Page
    Códise 2015 Landing Page
  4. Flatbook new site background blue buttons clean cover download facebook flat gradient header homepage site
    View Flatbook new site
    Flatbook new site
  5. Profile card background blur card city flat profile sketch ui
    View Profile card
    Profile card
  6. Dribbble App Concept 3d app blur brand clean concept dribbble ios player profile sketch ui
    View Dribbble App Concept
    Dribbble App Concept
  7. iOS 8 Toggle animated animation button clean code css flat ios toggle
    View iOS 8 Toggle
    iOS 8 Toggle
  8. Grid framework landing page clean css3 design flat grid landing page minimal process responsive site web
    View Grid framework landing page
    Grid framework landing page
  9. Refresh Icon Animation after effects animation button concept gif icon ui ux
    View Refresh Icon Animation
    Refresh Icon Animation
  10. Flatbook | Facebook theme clear facebook flat layout minimal redesign ui web
    View Flatbook | Facebook theme
    Flatbook | Facebook theme
  11. Logo Animation 3d after effects animation brand geometric identity logo
    View Logo Animation
    Logo Animation
  12. Activity Monitor Concept app application concept flat interface ios ui
    View Activity Monitor Concept
    Activity Monitor Concept
  13. The game begins! after effects animated basketball debut dribbble
    View The game begins!
    The game begins!
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