1. Leaderboard 019 design ui bright color minimal clean dailyui
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  2. Show Mapper (Pop-up/Overlay) gradient minimal concerts music overlay modal pop-up 016 dailyui
    View Show Mapper (Pop-up/Overlay)
    Show Mapper (Pop-up/Overlay)
  3. On/off Switch (Actually just Off) brutalist minimal clean break off stop 015 dailyui
    View On/off Switch (Actually just Off)
    On/off Switch (Actually just Off)
  4. Direct Messaging social listening sharing music gradient minimal 013 dailyui
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    Direct Messaging
  5. E-Commerce Shop Single Page gradient minimal records music vinyl e-commerce 012 dailyui
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    E-Commerce Shop Single Page
  6. Flash Messages (Success and Error) gradient minimal emoji flash message error success 011 dailyui
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    Flash Messages (Success and Error)
  7. Social Share music music sharing gradient minimal send menu social share 010 dailyui
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    Social Share
  8. Music Player gradient minimal music player 009 dailyui
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    Music Player
  9. 008 ui minimal gradient clean error page 404 error 404 008 dailyui
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  10. Hypertoast App Icon bread toast bright colorful gradient app icons app icon 005 dailyui
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    Hypertoast App Icon
  11. BPM Calculator tablet webapp simple clean gradient minimal calculator 004 dailyui
    View BPM Calculator
    BPM Calculator
  12. Sign Up Screen gradient clean minimal 001 dailyui
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    Sign Up Screen
  13. Crate Diggers Style Guide typography discogs vinyl style guide ui
    View Crate Diggers Style Guide
    Crate Diggers Style Guide
  14. Gearogs Logo vintage identity flat minimal logo
    View Gearogs Logo
    Gearogs Logo
  15. Turntable Flat Earth turntable vinyl photo manipulation poster
    View Turntable Flat Earth
    Turntable Flat Earth
  16. Magical Trash Show Poster typography gradient print gig poster poster
    View Magical Trash Show Poster
    Magical Trash Show Poster
  17. Magical Trash Logo music band logo geometric logo
    View Magical Trash Logo
    Magical Trash Logo
  18. Crate Diggers Record Fair Poster photo manipulation lettering discogs poster vinyl
    View Crate Diggers Record Fair Poster
    Crate Diggers Record Fair Poster
  19. Save-the-date Lettering lettering hand-drawn digitized wood grain wedding
    View Save-the-date Lettering
    Save-the-date Lettering
  20. Rob Hoos Personal Branding Logo logo coffee flat minimal branding
    View Rob Hoos Personal Branding Logo
    Rob Hoos Personal Branding Logo
  21. Crate Diggers Record Fair Poster discogs vinyl doodles lettering music hand drawn
    View Crate Diggers Record Fair Poster
    Crate Diggers Record Fair Poster
  22. yeah logo design yeah hand drawn lettering ambigram
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  23. Oktoberfest website header web design german beer banner vintage
    View Oktoberfest website header
    Oktoberfest website header
  24. Holographs Single Cover album art hand lettering
    View Holographs Single Cover
    Holographs Single Cover
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