1. Pull to Refresh framer greensock paper airplane pull to refresh svg svg animation
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    Pull to Refresh
  2. Isometric Laptop community gsap isometric laptop svg svg animation
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    Isometric Laptop
  3. Politicons icons line icons politics svg svg animation
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  4. Wireframe Factory animation assembly line factory svg svg animation wireframe
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    Wireframe Factory
  5. Track Trump illustration inauguration oval office president trump white house
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    Track Trump
  6. Pricing Table animation framer gsap pricing page pricing table svg svg animation
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    Pricing Table
  7. Workday Design Principles animation clever fast framer gsap simple svg
    View Workday Design Principles
    Workday Design Principles
  8. Virtual Reality Spacegirl animation framer space svg virtual reality
    View Virtual Reality Spacegirl
    Virtual Reality Spacegirl
  9. Hi Dribbble! animation framer line icons sketch svg
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    Hi Dribbble!
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