1. Split the bill and send money ios payment split pay mobile bank fintech fintech app app design app
    View Split the bill and send money
    Split the bill and send money
  2. Sign Up Screen input fields input field login screen form cta button artwork illustration art illustraion ios login design login page login form login signup sign up sign in
    View Sign Up Screen
    Sign Up Screen
  3. Data Usage Dashboard filters mobile animation design concept uidesign uiux ui usage circular progress bar progressbar principle interaction ios app ios dashboard design dashboard app dashboard ui data data visualization
    View Data Usage Dashboard
    Data Usage Dashboard
  4. Messenger Redesign Dark Mode v.3 chat chat app chat box chat bubble animation messenger app android app android principle conversation mobile design ux ui interaction file sharing
    View Messenger Redesign Dark Mode v.3
    Messenger Redesign Dark Mode v.3
  5. Messenger Redesign Dark Blue Mode v.2 file sharing interaction ui ux design mobile conversation principle android android app messenger app animation chat bubble chat box chat app chat
    View Messenger Redesign Dark Blue Mode v.2
    Messenger Redesign Dark Blue Mode v.2
  6. Cards Swipe Interaction interactive prototype car service design app principle mobile swipes menu interaction menu design ios interaction cards animation animation cards design ux ui swipe cards
    View Cards Swipe Interaction
    Cards Swipe Interaction
  7. Cards Swipe Onboarding Animation cards swipe swiping animation onboarding mobile design interaction
    View Cards Swipe Onboarding Animation
    Cards Swipe Onboarding Animation
  8. Flight Status 404 plane animation input field emirates airlines 404 no results flight status aircraft iphone x progress flight
    View Flight Status 404
    Flight Status 404
  9. Cinema Festival App Part.1  ux ui theatre tickets poster mobile material movie cinema app
    View Cinema Festival App Part.1
    Cinema Festival App Part.1
  10. Smart Home App Concept personal finance economy electricity interaction graph mobile design ios ecology animation principle eco home smart home
    View Smart Home App Concept
    Smart Home App Concept
  11. Pre-Order App For Cafe restaurant food cafe shop principle order mobile market interaction coffee app
    View Pre-Order App For Cafe
    Pre-Order App For Cafe
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