1. Church Changers | Concept 01 print design stationery brand identity logo church typography design graphic design branding
    View Church Changers | Concept 01
    Church Changers | Concept 01
  2. Stephan Cote counseling leadership coaching brand identity monogram logo branding design typography type
    View Stephan Cote
    Stephan Cote
  3. The King's Stationery Set letterhead graphic design layout design brand identity branding stationery
    View The King's Stationery Set
    The King's Stationery Set
  4. Bethel Music — Wordmark Journey graphic design minimal font lettering custom type branding logo design typography type
    View Bethel Music — Wordmark Journey
    Bethel Music — Wordmark Journey
  5. Bethel Music Buck Process process illustration animal bethel music brand deer buck branding logo minimal graphic design
    View Bethel Music Buck Process
    Bethel Music Buck Process
  6. Crown of Wine wine glass bottles crown graphic design branding logo minimal illustration design
    View Crown of Wine
    Crown of Wine
  7. Give 'em a crown. alcohol wine cellar king crown graphic design branding logo typography
    View Give 'em a crown.
    Give 'em a crown.
  8. Strategy First. brand guide brand guidelines logo brand identity brand strategy branding design graphic design
    View Strategy First.
    Strategy First.
  9. Bethel Music Playlist Covers cover art playlist branding design graphic design
    View Bethel Music Playlist Covers
    Bethel Music Playlist Covers
  10. Bethel Music Rebrand music record label brand brand identity logo deer buck typography type design branding
    View Bethel Music Rebrand
    Bethel Music Rebrand
  11. Heart of Heaven music worship merch album artwork graphic design
    View Heart of Heaven
    Heart of Heaven
  12. The Aguamobile beverage water logo van bus branding design graphic design
    View The Aguamobile
    The Aguamobile
  13. Agua Ramas Vivas dominican republic beverage water branding minimal design graphic design logo
    View Agua Ramas Vivas
    Agua Ramas Vivas
  14. Cellfunds money startup design minimal mobile banking graphic design branding logo
    View Cellfunds
  15. Easter at Verve blur gradient typography design church sermon art easter graphic design
    View Easter at Verve
    Easter at Verve
  16. Stained Glass Exploration linework lineart glass vector design church illustration graphic design
    View Stained Glass Exploration
    Stained Glass Exploration
  17. Saint City Branding Draft brand design saint icon branding layout design church type typography graphic design
    View Saint City Branding Draft
    Saint City Branding Draft
  18. The Advent Journey jesus christmas stained glass lineart vector badge illustration graphic design
    View The Advent Journey
    The Advent Journey
  19. Christmas at Lifepoint 2020 vintage typography sermon series christmas church design illustration graphic design
    View Christmas at Lifepoint 2020
    Christmas at Lifepoint 2020
  20. Loyalty Cards marketing type loyalty card branding
    View Loyalty Cards
    Loyalty Cards
  21. St. Lorenz 175th Anniversary vector branding logo badge design church illustration typography type graphic design
    View St. Lorenz 175th Anniversary
    St. Lorenz 175th Anniversary
  22. Christmas at Fellowship of Montgomery Title Graphic christmas church icon vector badge design typography illustration type graphic design
    View Christmas at Fellowship of Montgomery Title Graphic
    Christmas at Fellowship of Montgomery Title Graphic
  23. Mainland – Album Artwork halftone music packaging music album cover art album cover design album cover album art album artwork graphic design
    View Mainland – Album Artwork
    Mainland – Album Artwork
  24. Saint City brand identity brand design blackletter graphic church vector branding logo design typography graphic design type
    View Saint City
    Saint City
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