Flight Crew — Onboard & Bid

February 01, 2016

Hey Dribbblers, I hope you all had a great weekend. Here are two more screens from the flight app. This is one of the onboard screens and the bid list. Flight crew can bid on selected work shifts. It is similar to an auction where you ca...

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Flight Crew App

January 05, 2016

Some more screens from the dark version of the flight crew app—calendar and profile. The profile view gathers statistics about the users and always show the next work shift with easy check in possibilities. The crew tracking app provide...

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Flight Calendar Dark UI

January 04, 2016

Hey, Here is a dark version of the flight crew app I have been working with during 2015. The idea was to explore a darker UI to be used when flight crew operate in low light ambience. This screen shows the crew members trip planning. T...

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Flight UI Style Guide

October 02, 2015

UI Style Guide for a flight crew application I have been working with for the past months. Before development I reassembled all the UI parts and made this guide to make sure that the design would be consistent and easy to implement. Stil...

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Flight Crew Calendar

May 19, 2015

Preview of a flight crew app I am working on. Used by thousands of people in their daily flight work to plan work schedules and change shifts. Hope you like it! Twitter · Instagram · Website

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