1. AI Assist in Equals ai ai assist animation branding chatbot equals face spreadsheet table ui
    View AI Assist in Equals
    AI Assist in Equals
  2. AI Assist 2.0 ai card chat dailyui design equals spreadsheet ui ux
    View AI Assist 2.0
    AI Assist 2.0
  3. Dashboards in Equals analytics card dailyui dashboards design equals report showcase spreadsheet ui ux widget
    View Dashboards in Equals
    Dashboards in Equals
  4. Formula editor card code dailyui editor equals formula spreadsheet ui ux
    View Formula editor
    Formula editor
  5. Borders borders card equals icons spreadsheet table ui ux
    View Borders
  6. Pixel Face animation card design equals expression face interaction spreadsheet ui ux
    View Pixel Face
    Pixel Face
  7. Introducing AI Assist ai animation branding card copilot design equals logo spreadsheet ui ux widget
    View Introducing AI Assist
    Introducing AI Assist
  8. Animation for the .com announcement animation branding dailyui design domain equals logo spreadsheet ui
    View Animation for the .com announcement
    Animation for the .com announcement
  9. Redesigned charts analytics card charts dailyui data equals spreadsheet table ui ux visualization widget
    View Redesigned charts
    Redesigned charts
  10. Custom icons for CMD+K black custom equals icons product rectangle spreadsheet ui ux white
    View Custom icons for CMD+K
    Custom icons for CMD+K
  11. Modals card design system equals interaction modals spreadsheet ui ux widget
    View Modals
  12. Modals at Equals card dailyui data design equals modal spreadsheet table ui ux widget
    View Modals at Equals
    Modals at Equals
  13. Saved Queries card code components dailyui design equals marketing page spreadsheet sql sql queries ui ux visual widget
    View Saved Queries
    Saved Queries
  14. SQL Editor card code code editor dailyui data database equals product design query spreadsheet sql sql editor ui ux
    View SQL Editor
    SQL Editor
  15. Equals Templates beta branding equals graphic design launch marketing product hunt spreadsheet templates ui
    View Equals Templates
    Equals Templates
  16. New sidebar design dashboard design equals home icons navigation product sidebar spreadsheet ui ux workbooks
    View New sidebar design
    New sidebar design
  17. Calculated Columns cell design equals product product design spreadsheet ui ux
    View Calculated Columns
    Calculated Columns
  18. Features Icons artwork branding icons illustration marketing page monospace ui
    View Features Icons
    Features Icons
  19. Equals raises $6.6M! brand branding craft equals illustration investment raise seed round
    View Equals raises $6.6M!
    Equals raises $6.6M!
  20. Equals Launch! branding equals marketing page product hunt spreadsheet ui ux visual identity
    View Equals Launch!
    Equals Launch!
  21. Onboarding panel card design equals onboarding sign up spreadsheet ui ux
    View Onboarding panel
    Onboarding panel
  22. Team Switch card equals spreadsheet team ui ux
    View Team Switch
    Team Switch
  23. New Equals Marketing Page branding design equals landing page logo marketing page spreadsheet ui
    View New Equals Marketing Page
    New Equals Marketing Page
  24. Custom Sheet Icons details equals icons spreadsheet toolbar typography
    View Custom Sheet Icons
    Custom Sheet Icons
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