1. Blog Post 100daychallenge blog blog design daily ui daily ui 035 dailyui dailyui 035 dailyuichallenge design instagram models mv ui
    View Blog Post
    Blog Post
  2. Customize Product 100daychallenge color customize product daily ui daily ui 033 dailyui dailyuichallenge design dialyui 033 mv nike shoes shoes store ui
    View Customize Product
    Customize Product
  3. Crowdfunding Campaign 032 100daychallenge crowdfunding campaign daily ui 032 dailyui dailyui 032 dailyuichallenge design donate endangered animals mv save the planet ui
    View Crowdfunding Campaign
    Crowdfunding Campaign
  4. File Upload 100daychallenge daily ui dailyui dailyui 030 dailyui 031 dailyui031 dailyuichallenge design file sharing file upload mv ui upload upload file
    View File Upload
    File Upload
  5. Pricing 030 100daychallenge daily ui daily ui 030 dailyui dailyuichallenge design donut food mv pricing ui
    View Pricing
  6. Map 029 100daychallenge daily ui daily ui 029 dailyui dailyui 029 dailyuichallenge design gps location map map app mv ui
    View Map
  7. Contact Us 028 100daychallenge contact contact form contact us daily ui dailyui dailyui 028 dailyui028 dailyuichallenge design email message mv ui
    View Contact Us
    Contact Us
  8. Dropdown 100daychallenge color palette daily ui dailyui dailyuichallenge design dropdown mv pallettes ui
    View Dropdown
  9. Subscribe 100daychallenge daily ui dailyui dailyuichallenge design mv subscribe ui
    View Subscribe
  10. Santa Claus is coming to town app children christmas christmas spirit design downtime gifts love santa tracker tracking app ui
    View Santa Claus is coming to town
    Santa Claus is coming to town
  11. Advent of Code advent of code branding challenge christmas code code challenge icon logo mv typography ui vector
    View Advent of Code
    Advent of Code
  12. Onboarding 023 100daychallenge daily ui daily ui 023 dailyui dailyui 023 dailyuichallenge design fruits juice mv onboarding online online shop ui
    View Onboarding
  13. Search 100dayschallenge daily ui 022 dailyui dailyui 022 design maths search ui
    View Search
  14. Home Monitoring Dashboard 021 100daychallenge bedroom bedroom monitoring daily ui dailyui dailyui 021 dailyuichallenge design home monitoring home monitoring dashboard light monitoring dashboard ui
    View Home Monitoring Dashboard
    Home Monitoring Dashboard
  15. Location Tracker 100daychallenge daily ui daily ui 020 dailyui dailyui 020 dailyuichallenge delivery design location location app location pin location tracker mv order food shipping ui
    View Location Tracker
    Location Tracker
  16. Leaderboard 019 100daychallenge daily ui 019 dailyui dailyuichallenge design leader leaderboard ui
    View Leaderboard
  17. Analytics Chart 100daychallenge analytics analytics chart charts daily ui 018 dailyui dailyui 018 dailyuichallenge design mv pie chart ui
    View Analytics Chart
    Analytics Chart
  18. Email Receipt 017 100daychallenge dailui dailyui dailyui 017 dailyuichallenge design email receipt nike order order confirmation ui
    View Email Receipt
    Email Receipt
  19. Pop up 016 100daychallenge dailyui dailyui 016 dailyui016 dailyuichallenge design pop up ui popup ui website website concept website design
    View Pop up
    Pop up
  20. On/Off Switch 100daychallenge coronavirus dailyui dailyuichallenge design on off on off switch ui uidesign ux
    View On/Off Switch
    On/Off Switch
  21. Countdown Timer 014 100daychallenge countdown countdown timer daily ui dailyui dailyui 014 dailyuichallenge design gym timer ui uidesign ux
    View Countdown Timer
    Countdown Timer
  22. Direct Messaging 013 100daychallenge chat chat app chatting daily ui 013 dailyui dailyui013 dailyuichallenge design message message app messaging messenger ui
    View Direct Messaging
    Direct Messaging
  23. E-Commerce Shop 012 100daychallenge bracelet commerce dailyui dailyui 012 dailyuichallenge design e commerce shop online shop ui
    View E-Commerce Shop
    E-Commerce Shop
  24. CYBER MONDAY cyber monday online sales shop
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