1. Badoo Promocard Animation Icons sketch white color badoo wiggle scribble icon illustration magiclab design black animation 2d
    Badoo Promocard Animation Icons
  2. Profile completion ux clean illustration concept app ui
    Profile completion
  3. MagicLab Identity motion graphic design identity illustration branding design logo
    MagicLab Identity
  4. Big Magic is Watching You white black blinking eyes 2d magiclab animation logo design
    Big Magic is Watching You
  5. Smart input UI internal tools interaction design interface motion project management crm video prototype micro interactions tagging tools ux web magiclab product design animation tags input ui principle
    Smart input UI
  6. Badoo Live virtual gifts animation magiclab illustration dating badoo
    Badoo Live virtual gifts
  7. MagicLab Christmas Party
    MagicLab Christmas Party
  8. A glimpse of Badoo's illustrations magiclab dating illustraion badoo
    A glimpse of Badoo's illustrations
  9. Landing screen prototype for Lumen magiclab dating ios lumen
    Landing screen prototype for Lumen
  10. Team site layout branding animation ui clean black logo design web principle
    Team site
  11. Cosmos Design System bumble badoo design system
    Cosmos Design System
  12. Encounters onboarding animation prototypes download prototype principle swipes dating profile cards onboarding badoo
    Encounters onboarding
  13. Do sport? badoo
    Do sport?
  14. Collab with Adam J. Kurtz contest badoo
    Collab with Adam J. Kurtz
  15. Early concept for MagicLab visual language branding illustration
    Early concept for MagicLab visual language
  16. Safari Nights Event Posters identity event illustrations print posters
    Safari Nights Event Posters
  17. Badoo Tech Website blog interface ui design ui ux web design badoo
    Badoo Tech Website
  18. badoo_tech idetity badoo tech it purple monochrome illustration branding identity
    badoo_tech idetity
  19. Badoo All-Hands 2018 graphic design london print corporate poster purple presentation identity event branding
    Badoo All-Hands 2018
  20. Badoo Survival Kit
    Badoo Survival Kit
  21. Badoo Hiring relocation london moscow product design hiring badoo
    Badoo Hiring
  22. Badoo Tech Branding purple developer tech code branding
    Badoo Tech Branding
  23. Badoo identity logo typography stationary brand identity orange badoo purple brandbook guidelines
    Badoo identity
  24. Hearts Invasion badoo heart animation loop icon c4d cinema4d motion render gif loader
    Hearts Invasion
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