1. Whiskey,—strangers,—&romance magazine whiskey print designer print design graphic design graphicdesign publication editorial design editorial
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  2. Stay Home Club! * font type typography simple texture printmaking grunge beer covid-19 covid19 covid graphicdesign
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    Stay Home Club! *
  3. Portfolio—Table of Contents layout toc tableofcontents editorial design publication editorial
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    Portfolio—Table of Contents
  4. R = G = B graphic design graphicdesign design exploration design exercise layout exploration color research design
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    R = G = B
  5. Foolish Youth print design print publication design publication editorial design editorial
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    Foolish Youth
  6. 2020 NYE Invite invite design invite harbour snakes grunge texture grunge
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    2020 NYE Invite
  7. Elsewhere — Table of Contents editorial design blackandwhite typography publication editorial
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    Elsewhere — Table of Contents
  8. Forever the Future happylucky digital print future finishline adidas
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    Forever the Future
  9. Testing blackandwhite graphic plastic grunge texture grunge
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  10. ⬆︎⌘ 𝗫 warp graphicdesign music spotify liquify playlist distortion
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    ⬆︎⌘ 𝗫
  11. Elsewhere $1 89¢ publication editorial art editorial lifestyle publication design editorial design elsewhere
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    Elsewhere $1 89¢
  12. Hush Tea beverage bottle tea packaging package design
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    Hush Tea
  13. Hush Tea Label branding tea beverage package package design student work student kcad iced tea brand packaging
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    Hush Tea Label
  14. Good Vibes, Wicked Times gold black black and gold wicked bone bone illustration bones hand illustration good vibes shakas skull skeleton
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    Good Vibes, Wicked Times
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