1. More Chive App - WIP the chive chive app mobile wireframe application iphone blog blogging comments wall feed
    View More Chive App - WIP
    More Chive App - WIP
  2. The Chive App - WIP mobile app application iphone chive blog blogging photos wip wireframe comments videos
    View The Chive App - WIP
    The Chive App - WIP
  3. Joining McCann Manchester new job advertising agency social media digital flat globe
    View Joining McCann Manchester
    Joining McCann Manchester
  4. Flat Workspace Illustration flat minimal illustrator vector ai desk workspace apple office
    View Flat Workspace Illustration
    Flat Workspace Illustration
  5. Flat Apple Earpods flat minimal apple headphones earpods illustrator vector ai free freebie download
    View Flat Apple Earpods
    Flat Apple Earpods
  6. York & Albany flat vector illustrator minimal building house shadows store storefront windows flowers restaurant
    View York & Albany
    York & Albany
  7. 404 Page 404 error website flat oops ui ux web background branding identity visual
    View 404 Page
    404 Page
  8. Dock Street flat house illustrator vector store storefront shadows minimal building chive windows thechive
    View Dock Street
    Dock Street
  9. Home Page Website Rebrand ui icon flat web branding website home widget responsive grid
    View Home Page Website Rebrand
    Home Page Website Rebrand
  10. UI and Iconography WIP icon ui flat buttons web branding identity style corporate
    View UI and Iconography WIP
    UI and Iconography WIP
  11. Something New... ui buttons button icons flat linear psd photoshop vector dowload free freebie
    View Something New...
    Something New...
  12. Low Poly Portrait low poly portrait illustration portraiture drawing vector polygon illustrator triangles
    View Low Poly Portrait
    Low Poly Portrait
  13. Finalising a Style Guide branding icon ui style guide template illustrator vector grid identity web design
    View Finalising a Style Guide
    Finalising a Style Guide
  14. Login / New Account Screen login account sign up flat minimal web design website facebook twitter form
    View Login / New Account Screen
    Login / New Account Screen
  15. Ios7 Icon Set Redesign Concepts ios7 apple iphone ios icon redesign application app
    View Ios7 Icon Set Redesign Concepts
    Ios7 Icon Set Redesign Concepts
  16. iOS7 Icon Redesign ios7 apple iphone ios icon redesign application app calendar notes videos weather
    View iOS7 Icon Redesign
    iOS7 Icon Redesign
  17. Office Scene Illustration Rebound flat vector clean detail studio fun office desk illustration scene
    View Office Scene Illustration Rebound
    Office Scene Illustration Rebound
  18. Registration Page registration forms login ui web website branding icon flat board layout widget
    View Registration Page
    Registration Page
  19. Flat Home Page Rebrand home web website board flat widget branding icon ui layout
    View Flat Home Page Rebrand
    Flat Home Page Rebrand
  20. Flat Icon Concepts flat icon brand branding strategy concepts ui colourful bright set buttons
    View Flat Icon Concepts
    Flat Icon Concepts
  21. Social Media Icons free freebie download social media icons icon set vector complete full luketctaylor logo logos
    View Social Media Icons
    Social Media Icons
  22. Luketctaylor Site iPad Version luketctaylor website site tablet ipad personal freelance
    View Luketctaylor Site iPad Version
    Luketctaylor Site iPad Version
  23. Data Longevity Infographic infographic data graph bar chart visual print icons
    View Data Longevity Infographic
    Data Longevity Infographic
  24. Anglo-Saxon Bone Comb Illustration illustration technical pen isograph archaeology history anglo saxon anglo-saxon bone comb artefact find
    View Anglo-Saxon Bone Comb Illustration
    Anglo-Saxon Bone Comb Illustration
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