1. Martin Andráši - Personal Website landing page hero contact number social media banner portfolio screens programming language blob clean programmer developer web orange blue photo avatar ui website
    View Martin Andráši - Personal Website
    Martin Andráši - Personal Website
  2. Advanto Mobile App ios app quiz validation ios steps process navbar chart white form button slider shadow blue screens app design app mobile ui mobile app mobile
    View Advanto Mobile App
    Advanto Mobile App
  3. Truss Aluminium Factory E-commerce button above the fold hero navbar icon title form table products product cards card red gray swiss webdesign website eshop eccomerce truss
    View Truss Aluminium Factory E-commerce
    Truss Aluminium Factory E-commerce
  4. Workout Tracker - Daily UI #041 steps typography button shadow progress time duration red pink white black ui running run tracker workout sport app 041 dailyui
    View Workout Tracker - Daily UI #041
    Workout Tracker - Daily UI #041
  5. Recipe - Daily UI #040 webdesign list swiss style swiss design swiss egg avocado icon carousel pattern green minimalistic minimal grey gray recipe typography grid 040 dailyui
    View Recipe - Daily UI #040
    Recipe - Daily UI #040
  6. MPM-Reklama e-commerce process search webdesign ui table alert watches shopping cart checkout categories category slider banner above the fold homepage green shop eshop ecommerce
    View MPM-Reklama e-commerce
    MPM-Reklama e-commerce
  7. Krates overlay list button natural dropdown search results search engine yellow green red blog navbar menu footer searching search bar search ui webdesign nature
    View Krates
  8. Testimonials - Daily UI #039 grid slides blue green color colorful gradient purple yellow avatar number arrow quote slide box ui testimonials testimonial 039 dailyui
    View Testimonials - Daily UI #039
    Testimonials - Daily UI #039
  9. Calendar - Daily UI #038 blue purple grey gray white headline months timeline colorful green ui app event app events event calendar design calendar app calendar 038 dailyui
    View Calendar - Daily UI #038
    Calendar - Daily UI #038
  10. File Upload - Daily UI #031 extensions progress bar progress gradient purple color link disable button files drag and drop drag drop file upload uploader uploading uploads upload file 031 dailyui
    View File Upload - Daily UI #031
    File Upload - Daily UI #031
  11. Boarding Pass - Daily UI #024 icon plane aeroplane arrival departure boardingpass amsterdam prague fly flight qr code qr qrcode ticket passenger pass boarding boarding pass 024 dailyui
    View Boarding Pass - Daily UI #024
    Boarding Pass - Daily UI #024
  12. Search - Daily UI #022 music album music app music play songs song finding finder find auto complete autocomplete form fields form field form search engine search box search bar search 022 dailyui
    View Search - Daily UI #022
    Search - Daily UI #022
  13. Home Monitoring Dashboard - Daily UI #021 switch slider ui temperature weather icons design icons set icons avatar website web app dashboard app concept app home app dashboard monitoring home 021 dailyui
    View Home Monitoring Dashboard - Daily UI #021
    Home Monitoring Dashboard - Daily UI #021
  14. Location Tracker - Daily UI #020 map navigation design navigation navigate path destination routes route map design map ui maps tracker track location icon location pin location app location location tracker 020 dailyui
    View Location Tracker - Daily UI #020
    Location Tracker - Daily UI #020
  15. Email Receipt - Daily UI #017 iphone green black  white black order confirmation order receipts receipt email banner confirmation email confirmation email receipt email 017 dailyui
    View Email Receipt - Daily UI #017
    Email Receipt - Daily UI #017
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