1. Death's-Head Hawkmoth Planchette acrylic charm butterfly clear death moth occult ouija ouija board planchette skull transparent wings
    View Death's-Head Hawkmoth Planchette
    Death's-Head Hawkmoth Planchette
  2. Tech Debt broken female engineer infrastructure new feature pipes tech debt wrench
    View Tech Debt
    Tech Debt
  3. Step Up coding female engineer planning promotion stairs tech
    View Step Up
    Step Up
  4. Tech Lead Survival Guide keyboard rubber duck survival survival guide tech tech lead workbood
    View Tech Lead Survival Guide
    Tech Lead Survival Guide
  5. Astronaut Teamwork astronaut doctor flat illustration high five researcher rocket rocketship scientist whiteboard
    View Astronaut Teamwork
    Astronaut Teamwork
  6. Managers Care coworkers flat illustration heart humans illustration love office people
    View Managers Care
    Managers Care
  7. Holographic Cyberpunk Girl anime character design cyberpunk holographic sticker
    View Holographic Cyberpunk Girl
    Holographic Cyberpunk Girl
  8. Office Culture brainstorm community culture flat illustration illustration post it thumbs up whiteboard working together
    View Office Culture
    Office Culture
  9. Ed Smith: Black History Month black history black history month ed smith edward lee smith flat illustration illustration old school sepia
    View Ed Smith: Black History Month
    Ed Smith: Black History Month
  10. Questions to ask yourself bathroom flat illustration illustration mirror people questioning
    View Questions to ask yourself
    Questions to ask yourself
  11. Employee Retention balloons cupcake flat illustration human illustration illustration office party retention
    View Employee Retention
    Employee Retention
  12. rubber ducky line art monoline rubber duck rubber ducky
    View rubber ducky
    rubber ducky
  13. One on One 1-1 1:1 coffee flat illustration illustrator one on one walking
    View One on One
    One on One
  14. One Click flat illustration illustration productivity startup
    View One Click
    One Click
  15. Calendar Audit audit calendar flat illustration illustration magnifying glass whiteboard
    View Calendar Audit
    Calendar Audit
  16. 20/20 Focus 2020 eye doctor eye exam flat illustration focus illustration machine mint vision
    View 20/20 Focus
    20/20 Focus
  17. 1920's Productivity Apps 1920s flapper flat illustration great gatsby illustration typewriter
    View 1920's Productivity Apps
    1920's Productivity Apps
  18. Story Points Don't Work bicycle car confused estimation flat illustration kayak neopolitan pastel startup story points
    View Story Points Don't Work
    Story Points Don't Work
  19. Overcommitting At Work colorful flat illustration overcommit puzzle startup workplace
    View Overcommitting At Work
    Overcommitting At Work
  20. The Meeting Maniac busy meetings multitasking office talking
    View The Meeting Maniac
    The Meeting Maniac
  21. The Context Switcher busy context switching gender neutral multitasking office
    View The Context Switcher
    The Context Switcher
  22. The Calendar Master balance calendar focused gender neutral ideas meetings office superhero
    View The Calendar Master
    The Calendar Master
  23. The Focused Worker focus time focused gender neutral idea lightbulb meditation office personality
    View The Focused Worker
    The Focused Worker
  24. Gorge Soccer Logo colorado football gorge gradient logo soccer sports logo
    View Gorge Soccer Logo
    Gorge Soccer Logo
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