1. VOGUE SPAIN - URSULA CORBERO - WEBDESIGN white space typography jewerly modern photography web design editorial layout ursula vogue fashion grid golden ratio clean layout ux ui color creative minimal design
  2. CHAKRA - MAKEPEACE WEBDESIGN - AJNA interaction user experience meditation medium yoga chakra category page scroll uidesign webdesign ux identity color creative minimal design 3d motion graphics animation ui
  3. Babylon jewelry Webdesign Scroll Animation clean ux ui color creative minimal design prototype adobexd fansy elegant collection webdesign animation scroll animation scrolling scroll
    View Babylon jewelry Webdesign Scroll Animation
    Babylon jewelry Webdesign Scroll Animation
  4. Homepage jewelry shop jewelry elegant uiuxdesign uiux website webdesign ux ui illustration color creative minimal design
    View Homepage
  5. BABYLON adobexd landingpage babylon jewelry elegant soft clean webdesign typography uiux ux ui identity color creative design minimal
    View BABYLON
  6. Planet - Webdesign fibonacci web webdesign landingpage typogaphy contrast color creative uiux ux ui design minimal
    View Planet - Webdesign
    Planet - Webdesign
  7. Prototype uidesign prototype animation prototyping prototype ux uiux ui creative minimal design
    View Prototype
  8. co. - Fashion Webdesign - Modelspage xd design adobexd website clean user interface design uidesign typography uiux ux ui color creative design minimal models fashion website design webdesign web
    View co. - Fashion Webdesign - Modelspage
    co. - Fashion Webdesign - Modelspage
  9. co. - Fashion Webdesign royal clean fashion uidesign uiux website webdesign web xd color ux ui creative minimal design
    View co. - Fashion Webdesign
    co. - Fashion Webdesign
  10. Vans user uiux web kit vans wireframe design color creative minimal uxdesign ux ui webdesign
    View Vans
  11. Goodreads - IOS App user mobile ui books goodreads bookapp appdesign kit wireframe uiux ux ui identity minimal ios app app ios
    View Goodreads - IOS App
    Goodreads - IOS App
  12. Goodreads - Appdesign xd kit appdesign book uidesign ui  ux app icon ux ui color minimal creative design
    View Goodreads - Appdesign
    Goodreads - Appdesign
  13. Goodreads - Home page graphic color creative minimal identity wireframes kit adobe xd uxdesign uiux ui landingpage homepage webdesign web
    View Goodreads - Home page
    Goodreads - Home page
  14. Goodreads - Webdesign experience design uiux grid layout website design xd design kit redesign webdesign identity ux ui logo color minimal design
    View Goodreads - Webdesign
    Goodreads - Webdesign
  15. TESLA CYBERTRUCK - Landing page typography ux design fullscreen kit interface landing clean creative website minimal web uiux ui cybertruck tesla concept
    View TESLA CYBERTRUCK - Landing page
    TESLA CYBERTRUCK - Landing page
  16. Classic restaurant wireframe page layout web icon design xd minimal color identity creative restaurant homepage kit ui design ux ui
    View Classic restaurant
    Classic restaurant
  17. Rebound of Classic restaurant - Home page kit restaurant creative design ux identity color luxury minimal classic layout wireframe uiux ui landingpage homepage rebound
    View Rebound of Classic restaurant - Home page
    Rebound of Classic restaurant - Home page
  18. Landing page - Lipstick brand cosmetic colors design graphic ux typogaphy creative kit layout wireframe uxdesign uiux ui xd ui kit xd design xd color minimal
    View Landing page - Lipstick
    Landing page - Lipstick
  19. Kazimir - Landing page fashion website brand fashion typography design identity colors webdesign creative suprematism simple minimal uxdesign uiux ui xd design xd
    View Kazimir - Landing page
    Kazimir - Landing page
  20. Responsive graphic minimal brand typography illustration uxdesign iphone responsive design responsive ux ui xd design xd design
    View Responsive
  21. Classic restaurant - Landing page brand website homepage elegant webdesign typography landing page restaurant harmony clean classic luxury minimal color ai identity design user experience uiux ui
    View Classic restaurant - Landing page
    Classic restaurant - Landing page
  22. Abstract flower - Logo construction abstract logo abstract logos circle florist flower logo flower minimal graphic color branding ai identity design creative brand logo logoconstruction
    View Abstract flower - Logo construction
    Abstract flower - Logo construction
  23. Abstract flower - Logo design minimal abstract logo abstract color branding logo design shop florist flower ai identity design creative brand logo
    View Abstract flower - Logo design
    Abstract flower - Logo design
  24. Mochicken - Logo construction illustraion logodesign graphic color branding ai identity design creative brand circle conctruction chicken logo chicken animal logo
    View Mochicken - Logo construction
    Mochicken - Logo construction
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