1. Heart rate monitor app - Cardia.ai selfie camera app color scheme colorful bpm health app
    View Heart rate monitor app - Cardia.ai
    Heart rate monitor app - Cardia.ai
  2. Password Manager Mobile App 🔒 passwords design mobile app product design ui ux mobile app design uidesign app encrypted password password manager
    View Password Manager Mobile App 🔒
    Password Manager Mobile App 🔒
  3. Cloudsort - Dashboard data visualization charts design machine learning iot startup management packages warehouse dashboard design dashboard ui logistics dashboard ui uxui ux
    View Cloudsort - Dashboard
    Cloudsort - Dashboard
  4. Loka.com - Mobile humanity ml ai remote tech develop silicon valley startup grid clean modern ux ui launch splash clean design
    View Loka.com - Mobile
    Loka.com - Mobile
  5. Cardia.ai Design System visual identity color scheme style guide colorful design system design systems logo health app
    View Cardia.ai Design System
    Cardia.ai Design System
  6. Cardia.ai - Heartbeat Measurement App artificial intelligence ai bpm heart measurement health app healthcare health design app ui
    View Cardia.ai - Heartbeat Measurement App
    Cardia.ai - Heartbeat Measurement App
  7. Loka.com - Services Page typography machine learning edtech fintech healthtech landing page interface black minimal grid ship talent service product launch develop consultancy startup silicon valley
    View Loka.com - Services Page
    Loka.com - Services Page
  8. Lights, Camera, Cinero website webpage movies tickets cinema ux ui design
    View Lights, Camera, Cinero
    Lights, Camera, Cinero
  9. No Rest for Restaurants restaurant admin admin statistics stats numbers analytics dashboard restaurants restaurant design
    View No Rest for Restaurants
    No Rest for Restaurants
  10. Victorious Robots illustration website webpage vr design app apps virtual reality
    View Victorious Robots
    Victorious Robots
  11. The First Atomic CMS cms builder builder ux ui code tool design tool design cms webpage builder webpage web
    View The First Atomic CMS
    The First Atomic CMS
  12. Trouble recruiting a recruiter? ux ui profile search tech talent recruitment recruit application web app webapp
    View Trouble recruiting a recruiter?
    Trouble recruiting a recruiter?
  13. #NoFilter, Just #AI ai app filters app mobile app photo weather artificial intelligence ai ios app ios filter
    View #NoFilter, Just #AI
    #NoFilter, Just #AI
  14. Game Company Website ux user interface ui web design game website
    View Game Company Website
    Game Company Website
  15. Smart Home - iOS app energy control ux ui iphone mobile smart house ios iot smart home
    View Smart Home - iOS app
    Smart Home - iOS app
  16. American Express Re-design webpage single page one-page ux ui design blue web web design redesign
    View American Express Re-design
    American Express Re-design
  17. British Airways Re-design website travel ui ux design redesign
    View British Airways Re-design
    British Airways Re-design
  18. Bitcoin Concept: A Case Study. mobile ios typography study case ui ux webdesign website template bitcoin case study
    View Bitcoin Concept: A Case Study.
    Bitcoin Concept: A Case Study.
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