1. Visual Studio Code Icon Revamp icon vscode
    View Visual Studio Code Icon Revamp
    Visual Studio Code Icon Revamp
  2. Emoji Password Keyboard emoji ios keyboard
    View Emoji Password Keyboard
    Emoji Password Keyboard
  3. Pr.icon icon
    View Pr.icon
  4. Wormhole.swift opensource logo ios swift
    View Wormhole.swift
  5. A logo for JSPatch patch logo banner javascript opensource objc
    View A logo for JSPatch
    A logo for JSPatch
  6. VPN On vpn today widget swift
    View VPN On
    VPN On
  7. Biological NotificationCenter apple notificationcenter ios blur
    View Biological NotificationCenter
    Biological NotificationCenter
  8. LTMorphingLabel ios 8 morphinglabel gif animation swift source code
    View LTMorphingLabel
  9. Swift.sketch wwdc 2014 swift logo sketch vector
    View Swift.sketch
  10. Bouncy placeholder textfield placeholder avocado quartzcomposer qtz
    View Bouncy placeholder
    Bouncy placeholder
  11. Account Switcher quartzcomposer origami
    View Account Switcher
    Account Switcher
  12. Salary Calculator ios calculator
    View Salary Calculator
    Salary Calculator
  13. Home sketch with Google SketchUp sketchup
    View Home sketch with Google SketchUp
    Home sketch with Google SketchUp
  14. V2EX for iOS v2ex ios
    View V2EX for iOS
    V2EX for iOS
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