1. Always Watching animation camera cctv gif lewisosb loop watching
    View Always Watching
    Always Watching
  2. Chasing Happiness animation chasing gif happiness infinite lewisosb loop staircase
    View Chasing Happiness
    Chasing Happiness
  3. Layers of Emotion animation emotions face gif happy layers loop sad smile
    View Layers of Emotion
    Layers of Emotion
  4. Well Deserved Nap animation bed bedtime characters gif loop naptime people sleeping
    View Well Deserved Nap
    Well Deserved Nap
  5. The Artist Cycle animation artist artist cycle cycle gif lewisosb likes loop post social media
    View The Artist Cycle
    The Artist Cycle
  6. In the Limelight animation eyes geometric gif limelight loop spin
    View In the Limelight
    In the Limelight
  7. Fuelled by Likes animation geometric gif hearts like4like likes loop
    View Fuelled by Likes
    Fuelled by Likes
  8. Behind a Mask animation emotions geometric gif happy loop mask sad
    View Behind a Mask
    Behind a Mask
  9. That Time Again animation clock emotions face gif happy loop sad time watch
    View That Time Again
    That Time Again
  10. Layers animation emotions geometric gif illustration isometric layers loop
    View Layers
  11. Delete Delete Delete animation bounce delete geometric gif illustration keyboard keys loop
    View Delete Delete Delete
    Delete Delete Delete
  12. Endless Battle animation geometric gif loop pencil rubber sketch smile
    View Endless Battle
    Endless Battle
  13. No Pressure animation eyeball eyes geometric gif illustration loop paranoid
    View No Pressure
    No Pressure
  14. Long Drive adventure animation car drive geometric gif illustration loop
    View Long Drive
    Long Drive
  15. Deep in Thought animation geometric illustration loop person shower thinking water
    View Deep in Thought
    Deep in Thought
  16. A Great Start animation geometric gif illustration loop morning toast toaster
    View A Great Start
    A Great Start
  17. Bouncy Bouncy animation bounce colours drums face motion graphics smile vibrant
    View Bouncy Bouncy
    Bouncy Bouncy
  18. Balloon Fiesta animation balloon fiesta eye geometric gif hills hot air balloon loop
    View Balloon Fiesta
    Balloon Fiesta
  19. Bursting Through cloud clouds geometric illustration lewisosb smile sun sun rays sunshine texture vibrant
    View Bursting Through
    Bursting Through
  20. Baubles baubles christmas colour geometric illustration shape texture
    View Baubles
  21. The Builder animation builder geometric illustration person tarot tarot card
    View The Builder
    The Builder
  22. Mind 3 animation colour face geometric illustration mind music smile texture
    View Mind 3
    Mind 3
  23. Mind 2 animation colour emotions freelance geometric illustration mind mood
    View Mind 2
    Mind 2
  24. Mind 1 animation colour control face geometric illustration mind smile texture
    View Mind 1
    Mind 1
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