1. Hero Design showcase microinteraction animation portfolio project header hero startup gradient white agency company landing page website landing responsive app clean ux ui
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    Hero Design
  2. Footer Design studio agency animation art direction bubbles trendy white minimalist schedule contact gradient team startup footer website landing responsive clean ux ui
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    Footer Design
  3. Presentation Templates video trend template templates skech presentations presentation post mockups pitch instagram facebook customize color palette collection clean branding banner ad ads
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    Presentation Templates
  4. Ads Banners trending clean branding color palette presentations presentation customize collection sketch social media socialmedia mockups templates template ad facebook instagram post ads banners
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    Ads Banners
  5. Dashboard Design bitcoin dashboard apple system table blue software startup gray interface human cms admin management money desktop transfer clean ux ui
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    Dashboard Design
  6. Keyboard Shortcuts dashboard responsive ui software popup modal menu type blue transfer subtle simple white clean apple ios desktop shortcut command keyboard
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    Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Reselling Platform products clean photography startup home whatsapp button website landing appstore stores googleplay app reseller ecommerce green orange responsive ux ui
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    Reselling Platform
  8. Dashboard Management manger home calendar button software shadows blocks cards nav icons photography restaurant admin management dashboard food responsive clean ux ui
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    Dashboard Management
  9. Prime Subscription exclusive ux ui mobile app delivery benefits try button purple yellow palette cards card money prime choose plan subscription membership
    View Prime Subscription
    Prime Subscription
  10. Banking App - Prototyping transfer transaction navbar bank flow clean ux ui blue kit wallet charts financial palette ios app mobile sketch prototyping link
    View Banking App - Prototyping
    Banking App - Prototyping
  11. Food and Travel Mobile search subscribe videos destination restaurants reviews recipes travels photography white black dark yellow food website landing responsive clean ux ui
    View Food and Travel Mobile
    Food and Travel Mobile
  12. Mobile Web Screens companies iphone triangle home performance screens teams search kit web people green blue mobile website responsive clean app ux ui
    View Mobile Web Screens
    Mobile Web Screens
  13. Mobile Website benefits blocks frame field form sign up home avatar slider yellow purple startup delivery mobile landing page website responsive landing ux ui
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    Mobile Website
  14. Community Landing Page aboard performance people art direction buttons home sign up company teams values coworkers community green blue website responsive landing clean ux ui
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    Community Landing Page
  15. Tab Bar Navigation people office avatar search community icons tab bar navbar nav footer bottom company team employees iphone ios clean app ux ui
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    Tab Bar Navigation
  16. Wallet App onboarding icons navbar calendar header tabs button purple blue orange empty calculator finance financial art direcion palette app ux ui
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    Wallet App
  17. Cleaning Landing Page portugal responsive photography services housekeeping ironing cleaner vacuum grid video web landing blue green cleaning clean app ux ui
    View Cleaning Landing Page
    Cleaning Landing Page
  18. Mobile Charts download app resource green blue pack collection free gradient cards blocks art direction ux ui sketch palette stats chart charts mobile
    View Mobile Charts
    Mobile Charts
  19. Glucose insights calendar track patient doctor medical health tags arrow button blue green palette sensor scan stats charts app ux ui glucose
    View Glucose insights
    Glucose insights
  20. Artist Web Design photography scroll logo exhibition art direction purple button homepage typeface typography painter artist white clean landing page website responsive landing ux ui
    View Artist Web Design
    Artist Web Design
  21. Artist/Painter Web Design arrows art direction dark header fonts button paint painter artist yellow typography typeface type landing page website responsive landing ux ui
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    Artist/Painter Web Design
  22. Health App - Glucometer ios heart diabetes sugar glucose glucometer patient doctor medical charts green blue arrow button stats chart health ux ui app
    View Health App - Glucometer
    Health App - Glucometer
  23. Restaurant Growth delivery gray stars purple red growth food restaurant rates reviews charts stats filters tabs percent progress app clean ux ui
    View Restaurant Growth
    Restaurant Growth
  24. Rate Dishes asian gray red cards percent rate reviews tags progress emojis ios restaurants dishes growth restaurant food app clean ux ui
    View Rate Dishes
    Rate Dishes
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