1. City Chef dots raster vintage craftbeer bar icon logodesign barbeque burger typography logo star knife branding laukaistudio smoke flame
    City Chef
  2. Eric IX of Sweden laukaistudio icon eric heraldic logo portrait king crown sweden coatofarms stockholm
    Eric IX of Sweden
  3. Göteborg coat of arms laukai studio skandia sticker branding mark logo shield lion sword crown gothenburg
  4. Impossiblego mark 3d object impossible detail game line icon axonometric logo lego
  5. PaperSeal
  6. To Shred and to Protect confidential admind shredder stripes minimal logo icon geometric
    To Shred and to Protect
  7. Shield & House geometric management building security logo minimal stripes wayfinding house shield icon
    Shield & House
  8. Reality Check flush wc falling illustration logo icon dreams toilet star
    Reality Check
  9. Royal Crane stamp luxury boutique workout sports water bird crown crane
    Royal Crane
  10. Chicago Juice Squeezer speakeasy moonshine heater bullet firearm laukai wallgraphic illustration gangster juice gun tommy
    Chicago Juice Squeezer
  11. What's This Smells Like Fish laukaistudio 30s wallgraphic illustration slices seeds fish cocktail grapefruit
    What's This Smells Like Fish
  12. Boiler wallgraphic speakeasy laukai chicago 30s illustration car vintage
  13. Abstract Mark shrimp laukaistudio character icon line branding mark brand seal logo
    Abstract Mark
  14. B is for Blues  laukaistudio eye tear strings guitar blues illustration wallgraphics
    B is for Blues
  15. A Friend Of Ours 30s tuxedo hat laukai speakeasy illustration mobster typewriter chicago
    A Friend Of Ours
  16. Moonshine  laukaistudio skyline cocktail illustration speakeasy nyc wallgraphics
  17. Bell The Ring raster branding icon ring illustration ripples graphics wall bell symbol
    Bell The Ring
  18. Hand Made Dumplings gyoza dumplings ok hand space negative branding mark logo
    Hand Made Dumplings
  19. Completed Orders soundium mark eshop happy cargo order parachute smile icon
    Completed Orders
  20. Soundium laukai wave sound vinyl equipment studio midi controller gear dj soundium
  21. medal + check rating sport sports logo mark check medal
    medal + check
  22. No Birdies house bird studio laukai logo illustration icon birdies cigarette smoke nestbox
    No Birdies
  23. Copper Field field copper brandmark icon logo organic hemp seeds drop oil
    Copper Field
  24. Eco Drive  laukai car ecology icon green eco logo
    Eco Drive
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