1. Brutce the Monster character orange monster character design
    View Brutce the Monster
    Brutce the Monster
  2. Legacy Sunday event branding typography
    View Legacy Sunday
    Legacy Sunday
  3. LOTR Book Covers book cover pastel minimalist lotr
    View LOTR Book Covers
    LOTR Book Covers
  4. Landar's Workspace green noise texture workspace flat
    View Landar's Workspace
    Landar's Workspace
  5. Choose Joy series typography
    View Choose Joy
    Choose Joy
  6. Banners of Victory pastel easter banners event branding
    View Banners of Victory
    Banners of Victory
  7. Found in Paradise illustration kids paradise tropical event branding
    View Found in Paradise
    Found in Paradise
  8. Jesus You Alone album art
    View Jesus You Alone
    Jesus You Alone
  9. Christmas at Highlands type colorful bright event branding christmas
    View Christmas at Highlands
    Christmas at Highlands
  10. MOTION Worship Single Art glitch pixel sorting music album art
    View MOTION Worship Single Art
    MOTION Worship Single Art
  11. Pray First typography geometric
    View Pray First
    Pray First
  12. A little riff pattern vecor geometric
    View A little riff
    A little riff
  13. 2018-19 Prayer font pattern futura squares gold simple geometric prayer type logo modern pixel
    View 2018-19 Prayer
    2018-19 Prayer
  14. Free to... saw navy cyan pink halftone poster
    View Free to...
    Free to...
  15. You're Here EP music moon eclipse swirl album art
    View You're Here EP
    You're Here EP
  16. Summer At Highlands Alternate
    View Summer At Highlands Alternate
    Summer At Highlands Alternate
  17. Summer At Highlands event yellow typography summer
    View Summer At Highlands
    Summer At Highlands
  18. scanned 002 event branding channels scanned typography
    View scanned 002
    scanned 002
  19. Summer Blast event branding kids stars planet space typography
    View Summer Blast
    Summer Blast
  20. Event Branding event branding channels scanned typography
    View Event Branding
    Event Branding
  21. VOL 1: Wonderful Things EP blue lime music acoustic ep chapel album art
    View VOL 1: Wonderful Things EP
    VOL 1: Wonderful Things EP
  22. Easter Cafe Poster resurrection sunday neon glass e poster acrylic plexi typography easter
    View Easter Cafe Poster
    Easter Cafe Poster
  23. and on the third day pt II pastel easter type plexi
    View and on the third day pt II
    and on the third day pt II
  24. Highlands Creative Internships ministry typography internship
    View Highlands Creative Internships
    Highlands Creative Internships
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