1. ORCA — a phone with a CLI sketchapp prototyping design tools product design ui design dark interaction design command line interface design mobile app ux ui minimal
    ORCA — a phone with a CLI
  2. Delivery App Components delivery app components design systems light store ecommerce delivery web typography ios illustration cards dark clean app ux ui minimal
    Delivery App Components
  3. Bottanique - Hydroponic crops cards homekit virtual assistant bot smart home iot hydroponics app ios ux ui minimal
    Bottanique - Hydroponic crops
  4. Blokker - Pay with Crypto payment typography block chain crypto currency crypto cards illustration dark ios app ux ui minimal
    Blokker - Pay with Crypto
  5. Off White "The Store" nike fashion colors layout web store ecommerce landing page unusual typo minimal ux ui
    Off White "The Store"
  6. Slack - Dark Mode ui design chat messaging app team web desktop macos dark app ui ux minimal
    Slack - Dark Mode
  7. Cards - Framer X component animation ui design interaction framer react minimal web cards mobile app ux ui
    Cards - Framer X component
  8. New Material Design - MotionKit after effects components prototyping interaction design minimal motion design mobile web motion kit material design ux ui
    New Material Design - MotionKit
  9. 3D interactions - Framer Form mobile minimal form framer webgl app ios dark ux ui interaction 3d
    3D interactions - Framer Form
  10. Todoo - todo list manager minimal todo prototype animation dark cards invision ios mobile app ux ui
    Todoo - todo list manager
  11. A Parallax Evening landscape flat grain graphic illustration ae minimal ui motion parallax
    A Parallax Evening
  12. CreepMind! bot call prototype animation ai google ios mobile chat ux ui
  13. Monote - Reading App minimal reading prototype animation light cards invision ios mobile app ux ui
    Monote - Reading App
  14. Should they Clark? notification message vector fun animation aftereffects invision clean minimal uidesign ux ui
    Should they Clark?
  15. Daily <dev> css html typo dark cards login landing page slider player web app minimal
    Daily <dev>
  16. Instagram Desktop! ios app social minimal clean uxdesign ux ui mac desktop instagram
    Instagram Desktop!
  17. The Dark Project - Interactions message player music animation aftereffects dark ios clean minimal uidesign ux ui
    The Dark Project - Interactions
  18. View Layout Configuration minimal app web ux ux design ui design ui list category js animation layout
    View Layout Configuration
  19. madeby.lahesh - v1.0 cards illustration landing case study ux ui clean white minimal mac web portfolio
    madeby.lahesh - v1.0
  20. The Dark Project message icons mobile clean iphone watchos dark minimal ux ui app ios
    The Dark Project
  21. Music player-Slider interaction animation clean slider motion interaction watch ios mobile app ui design ux ui
    Music player-Slider interaction
  22. Classvroom | Gamified Virtual Learning Environment learn gamification classroom animation virtual online elearning clean minimal uidesign ux ui
    Classvroom | Gamified Virtual Learning Environment
  23. 2x Invites Giveaway!! trending community popular vector ui clean illustration minimal cards giveaway
    2x Invites Giveaway!!
  24. Online learning platform - Redesign class online clean animation ux ui design ui web learning elearning
    Online learning platform - Redesign
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