FitKiddo Mobile App - Nutrition

December 16, 2019

Gooood morning👋 One more and the last one shot from FitKiddo series is here. Did I mention FitKiddo gives a lot of nutrition tips for youngsters? Here is the food screen where Kids can select type of food which they ate during the day! ...

FitKiddo Mobile App - Home & Stats

December 09, 2019

Morning Folks👋 Another shot from FitKiddo series arrived. Home page and statistics screens this time 👏 What is FitKiddo? FitKiddo is for brave and determined kids who are not afraid of challenges. Every level brings new exercises and r...

FitKiddo Mobile App - Workout

December 04, 2019

Morning Dribbblers👋 Today I want to show you another shot from FitKiddo series. This time I want to show you: workout screen with the list of exercises, workout timer with preview and the results screen with an option to share score. I...

FitKiddo Mobile App - Onboarding

December 02, 2019

Hey Everybody!👋 Today I want to share with you my new project. This is a new fitness app for kids and I am very very proud of the results! Today is onboarding but wait for more!💪 What is FitKiddo? FitKiddo is for brave and determined k...

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