1. Cerbona Zabpehely csomagolásterv

  2. Logo design for a hungarian vinery

  3. Logo design for semi-finished food

  4. Packaging design - "Cerbona" muesli products

  5. Logo design "Vegan World"

  6. Oatmeal packaging design

  7. Logo design

  8. Juices packaging design

  9. logo redesign competition "Ceres"

  10. Label design for hungarian traditional alcohol "palinka"

  11. Logo design for a dental center

  12. Logo and packaging design - Mirasana cosmetics

  13. Logodesign for private label products

  14. Wet wipes packaging design

  15. dribble

  16. Logo design for a vinery

  17. Logo design - "BP"

  18. Logo design

  19. Logo for an environmental protection program

  20. Label design for a hungarian traditional drink

  21. "Béres" CalciviD7 packaging design

  22. "You and Me" logodesign

  23. Frozen Carp packaging design

  24. Logo for an environmental protection program

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