1. tone X SOUNDBOX radio stereo hard surface minimal retro product 3d blender identity brand
    View tone X SOUNDBOX
    tone X SOUNDBOX
  2. Petrochem Group Logo Proposal group petro petrochem icon concept branding minimal vector design typography identity brand logo graphic design
    View Petrochem Group Logo Proposal
    Petrochem Group Logo Proposal
  3. Little Skelly joysticks n sliders minimal space skull 2d animation illustration vector
    View Little Skelly
    Little Skelly
  4. Me-ow.. gif spin vector yin-yang taijitu black and white 3d faux 2d animation circle cats
    View Me-ow..
  5. Personal Brand - Blackletter Logo graphic design black and white logo mark logotype symbol brand identity typography type personal name logo blacklettering blackletter letter black
    View Personal Brand - Blackletter Logo
    Personal Brand - Blackletter Logo
  6. One Life Fitness Teaser Trailer after effects minimal graphic graphic design health life one teaser trailer brand identity design concept logo fitness gym
    View One Life Fitness Teaser Trailer
    One Life Fitness Teaser Trailer
  7. Interiors At Work Logo Rebrand minimal perspective geometric box refresh rebrand typography identity brand logo graphic design
    View Interiors At Work Logo Rebrand
    Interiors At Work Logo Rebrand
  8. Follbiz - Follow my business pattern proposal business f logo icon typography identity brand logo graphic design
    View Follbiz - Follow my business
    Follbiz - Follow my business
  9. Burger District Logo typography design brand concept logo district burger
    View Burger District Logo
    Burger District Logo
  10. Student Centre Animation Piece mark abstract flow identity brand logo ucc centre student
    View Student Centre Animation Piece
    Student Centre Animation Piece
  11. Student Centre Rebrand Proposal logo mark identity brand rebrand student college ucc
    View Student Centre Rebrand Proposal
    Student Centre Rebrand Proposal
  12. Coolgrey Animated typography type graphic vector after effects animation logo gif line coolgrey grey cool
    View Coolgrey Animated
    Coolgrey Animated
  13. Name Drop - New Logo typography type graphic design text 2d logo animated
    View Name Drop - New Logo
    Name Drop - New Logo
  14. Secret To Success - Event corporate event promotion illustration vector ladder success secret college society commerce ucc
    View Secret To Success - Event
    Secret To Success - Event
  15. 2018 New Year houses mountains light fun simple personal college graphic design illustration new year 2018
    View 2018 New Year
    2018 New Year
  16. Good Glass - Innovation Project illustration graphic design branding project college return recycle innovation glass good
    View Good Glass - Innovation Project
    Good Glass - Innovation Project
  17. Made In - End of Year Show Concept concept made uni college final forth exhibition show year end
    View Made In - End of Year Show Concept
    Made In - End of Year Show Concept
  18. GamAR lenses vr identity gaming glasses lenses vector graphic design game
    View GamAR lenses
    GamAR lenses
  19. Simply Milk - Logo Concept brand alternative glass bottle calcium graphic design logo simple milk simply
    View Simply Milk - Logo Concept
    Simply Milk - Logo Concept
  20. Pixel Heart receding depth procrastination cube box graphic design geometric grid love heart pixel
    View Pixel Heart
    Pixel Heart
  21. Orchard Thieves Cider - Logo Concept tail fox vector drink alcohol identity brand graphic design thieves orchard logo
    View Orchard Thieves Cider - Logo Concept
    Orchard Thieves Cider - Logo Concept
  22. Úr Lá - Dessert Parlour identity brand irish taste ice cream dessert illustration graphic design logo
    View Úr Lá - Dessert Parlour
    Úr Lá - Dessert Parlour
  23. Pinpoint Lodge brand identity b and b adventure branding accommodation tourism ireland hostel logo graphic design
    View Pinpoint Lodge
    Pinpoint Lodge
  24. Minimal Gorillaz Heads typography simple graphic design minimal music illustration gorillaz
    View Minimal Gorillaz Heads
    Minimal Gorillaz Heads
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