1. Flowr mobile ( Design Exploration ) figma minimal design
    View Flowr mobile ( Design Exploration )
    Flowr mobile ( Design Exploration )
  2. Flowr Design Exploration product productdesign flowers branding landing figma minimal design
    View Flowr Design Exploration
    Flowr Design Exploration
  3. THO Web View product design ui design figmadesign figma
    View THO Web View
    THO Web View
  4. THO Mobile figma ui design minimal branding
    View THO Mobile
    THO Mobile
  5. THO Influencer product social minimal screen ui design icon figma influencer thq
    View THO Influencer
    THO Influencer
  6. Michelapia.com - Website gsap sketchapp frontend design
    View Michelapia.com - Website
    Michelapia.com - Website
  7. Jobyourlife Mobile App sketch app
    View Jobyourlife Mobile App
    Jobyourlife Mobile App
  8. Music of Plant vector plant illustration plant branding caracter sketch design minimal illustration principle spotify mp3 walkman music sketchapp animation gif grass plants
    View Music of Plant
    Music of Plant
  9. Mongrel Pets / Landing design ui sketch pets mongrel
    View Mongrel Pets / Landing
    Mongrel Pets / Landing
  10. Go Prototype branding logo graphic design animation ui
    View Go Prototype
    Go Prototype
  11. BeetoLearn classical musical bendingspoons branding ios sketchapp minimal design sketch
    View BeetoLearn
  12. Charlie up rotato animated animation design minimal icon krdesign sketch ios app design ios
    View Charlie up
    Charlie up
  13. Bofrost Recruiting Page frontend gsap sketch landing recruiting bofrost ats
    View Bofrost Recruiting Page
    Bofrost Recruiting Page
  14. Mongrel Illustration design ui sketch pets mongrel
    View Mongrel Illustration
    Mongrel Illustration
  15. Jobyoulife landing for company illustration icon sketch
    View Jobyoulife landing for company
    Jobyoulife landing for company
  16. Jobyourlife / The powerful of together design sketch
    View Jobyourlife / The powerful of together
    Jobyourlife / The powerful of together
  17. Jobyourlife / ATS logo caracter icons typography vector ui branding sketchapp minimal illustration design icon sketch
    View Jobyourlife / ATS
    Jobyourlife / ATS
  18. Jobyourlife / Recruiting minimal sketchapp caracter vector frontend ui illustration design icon sketch
    View Jobyourlife / Recruiting
    Jobyourlife / Recruiting
  19. Dudecor landing born illustration sketch
    View Dudecor landing
    Dudecor landing
  20. Social Recruiting Binda Group frontend less sketch ui jobyourlife binda breil
    View Social Recruiting Binda Group
    Social Recruiting Binda Group
  21. Gamestop Italy Ats sketch italy italia gamestop ats
    View Gamestop Italy Ats
    Gamestop Italy Ats
  22. Jobyourlife Onboarding illustrations tour into app ios sketch illustration jobyourlife onboarding
    View Jobyourlife Onboarding
    Jobyourlife Onboarding
  23. PolloGum prototype protopie rubberchicken chicken rubber gum pollo
    View PolloGum
  24. Triangolino di Pizza minimal italian illustration stickermule triangolino triangolo triangulate pizza sketchapp caracter
    View Triangolino di Pizza
    Triangolino di Pizza
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