iPhone Learning app

February 29, 2012

Yep! The iPad app I have been working is also for iPhone! The iPad version is under way and you should see the universal iOS app in the app store before summer!

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iPad Onboarding/setup

February 17, 2012

Client gave me permission to release this today. Cant rob you of this one :) Personally, I love the way this app is coming along and its been a slow moving and delicate process but really fun! Be sure to see the attached full pic.

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iPad App Test UI

January 21, 2012

If you answered 7, you are wrong and you get no rewards :(

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iPad - Bummer, Declined :(

January 14, 2012

Ah bummer, this got rejected by mom :( Hopefully she will remove it :)

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iPad Book Nav

January 13, 2012

You tap the cut out and it slides the book to the right to reveal the main navigation. And yes, more of Rogie Kings Overlays! They rock!

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iPad Learning Topics

January 12, 2012

Ok, so I hate hate hate Marker Felt, but for the first time felt it was appropriate. But then again, maybe Apple felt this same way when they made "Notes" for the iPhone. Check out the "Big-Book.png" I will post on Twitter when this g...

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iPad Profile Interface

December 28, 2011

Another interface for the project I'm working on. It's getting closer and closer to dev hand off. I will tweet when its live. Feel free to give me a follow and say hi if your interested in this app. Also, these are Rogie King's game ...

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iPad Childrens profile

December 22, 2011

Some more of the app, I am working on with a client. It's been fun using these different kinds of elements and treatments. Follow me on Twitter for details. This is gonna be a great app for kids!