1. The Corporate States of America brand branding corporate logo
    View The Corporate States of America
    The Corporate States of America
  2. Microsoft swag series assistant collage email illustration microsoft mobile monoline search tech tee
    View Microsoft swag series
    Microsoft swag series
  3. Search + assistant collage geometic illustration microsoft minimal monoline ux
    View Search + assistant
    Search + assistant
  4. Stay home badge custom type home illustration type typography vintage
    View Stay home
    Stay home
  5. MSAI branding brand brand design branding din microsoft print retro swiss swiss design swiss style typography
    View MSAI branding
    MSAI branding
  6. Open for business business human illustration retro tech technology vector work
    View Open for business
    Open for business
  7. Mexicantown Detroit badge detroit identity logo mexican type type art vintage
    View Mexicantown Detroit
    Mexicantown Detroit
  8. Greektown Detroit badge detroi greek greektown identity logo type wordmark
    View Greektown Detroit
    Greektown Detroit
  9. Corktown Detroit badge baseball brand corktown detroit emblem logo vintage
    View Corktown Detroit
    Corktown Detroit
  10. Eastern Market Detroit badge brand branding detroit flowers historic market vintage
    View Eastern Market Detroit
    Eastern Market Detroit
  11. Cloud and security icon set cloud icon illustration monoline process secure security user
    View Cloud and security icon set
    Cloud and security icon set
  12. Drink, see, go and eat icons illustrations monoline
    View Drink, see, go and eat
    Drink, see, go and eat
  13. Detroit type deco detroit san serif street type
    View Detroit type
    Detroit type
  14. The Detroit Hoods branding detroit flag michigan retro type typrography
    View The Detroit Hoods
    The Detroit Hoods
  15. Made in the Mitten badge michigan mitten typography
    View Made in the Mitten
    Made in the Mitten
  16. KF animation after effects animation brand branding f k motion
    View KF animation
    KF animation
  17. Travel tags for Developers azure cloud devs microsoft programming language retro tags travel vintage
    View Travel tags for Developers
    Travel tags for Developers
  18. Boxes n such geometric illustration pattern
    View Boxes n such
    Boxes n such
  19. Camp Azure azure badge camp cloud illustration lock secure
    View Camp Azure
    Camp Azure
  20. Camp Azure laptop stickers azure badge buildings camp cloud data illustration laptop robot
    View Camp Azure laptop stickers
    Camp Azure laptop stickers
  21. Camp Azure azure badge buildings camp cloud illustration
    View Camp Azure
    Camp Azure
  22. Camp Azure badge camp clouds emblem illustration laptop tree
    View Camp Azure
    Camp Azure
  23. Microsoft Flow - buttons illustration business illustration microsoft mobile monoline office people
    View Microsoft Flow - buttons illustration
    Microsoft Flow - buttons illustration
  24. Merry & Bright holday illustration typography
    View Merry & Bright
    Merry & Bright
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